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Iceage – Thank you for this night on earth.

Throughout the course of this year we have been hosting a semi-regular event called Hosted By. A club concept in which we have dedicated to giving back to our community here in our hometown of Gothenburg. The recipe for the Hosted By concept is simple: we book artists that we love, put posters on the streets and open the doors (for free) and from there we let the night unfold and revolve whomever stands on the stage that particular evening.

Iceage were the main attraction at last Thursdays Hosted By event. They arrived with their new album ‘Beyondless‘ (out on Matador Records) in their backpockets and everything went off without a hitch – well almost – we do feel for the lad who had his forehead opened up by a flying monitor – which was not the fault of the band – rather an over appreciative fan.

Without further ado, we’d like to say a big thank you to Iceage for gracing us with their presence and this jaw dropping show, Judaskyssen for the 5 hour DJ-set (a true musical journey) and to all the friendly faces that come out to Hosted By every time we call the date. It’s been amazing so far and it’s nothing without you.

Photographer: Rebecka Bjurmall