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In Our Heads: Joey Kallin

Three weeks ago, Joey Kallin was our Sales-Coordinator, but all of a sudden something amazing happened. Meet one man whose life just got turned upside down.

– I just had a baby girl, her name is Ava. I’m a daddy; a father. It’s an extreme feeling, to say the least. You wait for nine months for something to happen. Then it happens and your life will never be the same again. Every feeling that you’ve ever experienced up until that moment the baby is born, all those feelings felt are compressed and served to you like a cocktail during just a few hours. Then it’s there.

It’s an overwhelming feeling. You’re happy, scared, nervous; and for the first time in a long time, relaxed. This is my greatest achievement ever. Nothing beats this feeling. Maybe winning the football world cup finals, but that ship has probably sailed for me. So, I’m definitely getting more kids. Not straight away, but later on. No doubt about it. People who don’t have kids should definitely try it, if they have the opportunity. I really recommend it. It’s not just the baby being born, the mother and the father are born again too. You become a new person. It’s great.

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