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Ruedi Karrer: The One and Only “Swiss Jeans Freak”

You love denim, but we can assure you; you do not love denim the way Ruedi Karrer does. Under the moniker Swiss Jeans Freak, Ruedi dips his fingers in everything that has to do with the Bleu de Genes.

“I was born September 8th, 1959, in a remote mountain village in the Swiss alps with 9 brothers and sisters. I’m a complete raw denim addict since my childhood when the first Levis 501 Big E raw denim jeans reached our family place in a clothes donation parcel.
I started the jeans museum in 1973 and today it contains 12.000 jeans and jackets from 1950 up until today.
I love the natural denim evolution if worn hard over years without any washing and watching the process of fadings. Especially the denim evolutions seen on green or yellow cast denim.

I work part time as a geographer, creating maps, checking data on water management and risk, flood management and other topics concerning water for the Zürich city council. The rest of my time I spend building up a little jeans museum of the heaviest fadings to show people the power of denim evolution. Ensuring that the raw denim spirit shall be kept alive forever.

I hope to get one step further with the jeans museum of heaviest fadings, with inventory, taking pictures, build a database and finally a website in english. I plan to build up a proper museum and change from this one-man operation into something bigger.
In the long term, I plan a worldwide center of denim evolution, a safe home for as many rescued, retired and well loved raw denim projects as possible, and they shall receive eternal life there.”

If you want to know more, or donate a well-loved pair of denim, visit the Jeans Museum!

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