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Left a Good Job In the City: Month 3

In Hälsingland, Mattias is beginning to feel like a farmer. Trying his skills in different fields is proving to be pretty efficient as a means to break in a pair of jeans. The jacket is  a different story, but Mattias has kids, so the future of this jacket is secured.

Life in the countryside involves dealing with animals. Me and daddy-in-law are taking care of the sheep and during the last month another 14 were added to the herd. These sweet, wooly creatures and their families are soon to be moved to an island where they’ll feast on grass and other goodies during the summer before they return and become sweaters and socks, among other things.

The break-in process is starting to show some results. Mainly due to heavy garden work and spending time on all fours with the kids. The jean jacket is a different story. Conny on the other hand is a tough nut to crack. Not a lot of wear showing, but I know that I will eventually tame the beast that’s this 15 oz. denim jacket.