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Left a Good Job in the City


Breaking in denim. A long arduous journey, lasting at least 6 months, or that’s what we  recommend. There really is no right or wrong way to go about it, but as long as you wear them a lot, give them all the love and attention they deserve, you will end up with a beautiful set of denim. Mattias Goldkuhl is a former Nudie Jeans employee who for some reason decided to leave the the west coast where he was born, and move up north.

Why did you leave us, Mattias?

– My wife and I bought a house in Gränsbo, Hälsingland some years ago, and we have a deep love for this area. Also, my wife Maja was born and raised here, so the connection is deep. We want our two kids to grow up here. Close to nature and grand parents.

– Due to this, and maybe growing older, I’ve found new priorities in life. I’ve traded clubs for fishing trips and the gym for chopping wood.


Was it worth it?

– There’s a sense of freedom in just leaving what’s safe behind and following your heart. Even though it meant I had to leave Göteborg and the best job a person could possibly have, I can totally say it feels exciting.


What are you going to occupy yourself with?

– I realize that I have to get myself a job, but that’s less of a priority now. Now it’s more about providing for the family rather than building my own career. We aim towards becoming as self-sufficient as possible and harvested by us. My wife hunts and goes fishing. I will be building on the house, grow stuff, and hopefully be able to play football with my daughters, rather than reading emails and hurry home.

– I have a very romantic vision of this country life, but the turnout is entirely up to us, so I guess we’ll have it exactly as I envision it.


Mattias’ Instagram is set to private, but if you ask him nicely, he might let you sneak a peek. @mattiasgoldkuhl