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Mend the gap

You may know that we’re all about mending gaps, but that doesn’t stop at all those worn-in jeans we repair.

All our Fairtrade certified organic cotton garments are made in India, one of the countries where minimum wage is below the actual living cost.
We started the Living Wage initiative together with our Indian supplier, making sure we do our part.

In many countries the national minimum wage is below the actual cost of living. And that’s a gap we all can help to mend.

Around 60% of our garments are made in Europe where wages are considered to be in line with or above the cost for basic standards of living such as food, health care and education. All our Fairtrade certified organic cotton garments are made in India where the national minimum wages set by the state government differ between regions. And in many cases, they’re legally non-binding.

We started the Living Wages initiative in cooperation with our Indian supplier Armstrong a few years ago. Living wages bridge the gap between national minimum wages and the actual cost of living. In practice this means that the workers get a higher salary during the manufacturing of Nudie Jeans garments. We pay living wages only for our production. When another brand steps in to produce, they need to take their responsibility for better and fair conditions.

Together with our suppliers we are obliged to provide a safe, fair and ethical working environment.

On a regular basis we conduct social audits and follow-ups at all our production facilities. The audits are made to guarantee that standards are followed and to find where improvements can be made. We are transparent on these matters. Audit summaries can be downloaded from our website. They include the results from the latest audits as well as an action plan for improvements. Our membership of Fair Wear Foundation is a key element ensuring that everyone across the production chain works under fair conditions. Sustainability is just as much about social standards as environmental issues.

The only constant is change. We work with a number of organizations to improve our skills in the field of social and environmental sustainability.

Chetna Coalition
Chetna Coalition (ChetCo) is a supply chain coalition of textile brands working with organic cotton and the farming community Chetna Organic. By communicating the demand, through prebooking of cotton, to the farmers within Chena Organic, the farmers get the possibility to plan their farming and secure their income.

Textile Exchange
Textile Exchange is a global non-profit organization that works to make the textile industry more sustainable. Nudie Jeans has been a member since 2009.

Fairtrade Cotton
By growing organic and Fairtrade certified cotton, farmers can actually sell their cotton at a higher price than the global market price for conventional cotton. By selling the cotton as Fairtrade, the farmers receive a Fairtrade Premium, to invest in their communities, building schools, roads and health care facilities. The premium is paid with license fees from sold Fairtrade garments.

Fair Wear Foundation
FWF is an independent, non-profit organization striving to improve working conditions in the textile industry. Nudie Jeans has been a member since November 2009. The foundation is an initiative by trade organizations in the textile sector, trade unions and NGOs.