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Non Tox Tux.


We still follow the same agenda as we had from the beginning; producing our garments in the most sustainable and fair way as possible. And back then, exactly as today, it all started with a pair of drys.

Some say double denim. Some call it Canadian Tuxedo. We say this: Our dry tux is all non-tox, made with 100% organic cotton, no pesticides, no hazardous chemicals, just clean fabric.

It was a pair of dry jeans that got this company started. Dry denim, or rather indigo, is in our bloodstream. But there’s more to find beyond that dark, raw fabric. Wearing your dry denim for a long time will pay off. Due to the properties of the indigo dye, the color will slowly rub off.

The more you wear, the more your lifestyle will be revealed and your denim will fade to glory.

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