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Ready Yourselves! Re-use Drop 11 is Soon Live on

Yes, it’s been a while since Re-use Drop 10, but you won’t have to wait for much longer. The goods have been collected, washed, repaired, and we’re getting closer to pushing the button.

Re-use Drop 11 is going to be something special for sure. We managed to get our hands on two of our colleagues’ past favorites, so we decided to put in some extra work, creating User Stories with a few words of advice for the new owners from the previous owners. Get ready, people!

Re-use drop 11 releases here on December 9, 14:00 CET.

You can always find one-of-a-kind Re-use jeans in all Nudie Jeans Repair Shops. The Re-use concept is pretty straight forward: we don’t believe that ”jeans” and ”throwaway” are words that belong together. In fact, we know that if you take proper care of garments, repairing them when needed, you’ll not only do the planet a favor, you’ll also get a unique garment that tells your story.

Learn more about the impact re-use jeans have on the world’s climate here.