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Rebirth Capsule: Made with post consumer Nudie Jeans Denim


For Winter 2019 Nudie Jeans presents the Rebirth capsule.

Garments made with post-consumer recycled Nudie Jeans. The capsule consists of Lean Dean and the limited edition Jerry jacket made with the same post consumer denim. Included in the capsule is the Roy t-shirt made of a recycled and organic cotton blend.

About Rebirth denim:

We work with the notion that ‘throwaway’ and ‘jeans’ are two words that do not belong together. Offering free repairs as well as collecting, repairing and reselling second-hand Nudie Jeans under our Repair and Re-Use initiatives keeps us true.

The aim of these initiatives is to keep our jeans in use for as long as possible. But as much as we try, fine tuning our craft and our services on offer, not all jeans cannot be brought back to life. For the Rebirth denim we had to take a different approach by doing the next best thing through recycling the jeans into new garments.

Recycling post-consumer garments can be trickier than it might sound. One needs to have a functional system for collecting garments and equally as important, have control over the fiber content to ensure a high-quality end product. Fortunately for us, the Repair and Re-use initiatives have since long built a foundation for collecting unwanted jeans, and since they are ours we know the fiber content very well. Basically, the idea of repairing and reusing our own products paved the way for recycling them as well.

By mechanical recycling, the collected jeans were cut into pieces, ground to fibers and blended with virgin organic cotton to guarantee durability. After yarn spinning and weaving, we ended up with a 12.75 oz comfort stretch denim which we indigo dyed and subsequently over-dyed black. The finished dry fabric is pitch black and will fade over time revealing the underlying indigo.

Welcome to the Rebirth of your worn and torn Nudie Jeans.