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Reducing our impact with Re-use


We are happy to once again release a drop of washed, mended and pre-loved Re-use jeans.
By giving the jeans a second life, we do not only offer the possibility to buy our most sustainable product, but we also save resources and decrease our environmental and climate impact.

To look closer on how much we reduce our impact by selling Re-used denim we had two students from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg make a comparative life cycle assessment, comparing the impact of jeans which are never repaired and reused, to jeans which are repaired and reused in the Nudie Jeans Repair and Reuse Program.

The study showed that a pair of jeans which are reused three times decrease the global warming potential with 60%, compared to a pair of jeans with zero reuses, meaning a case where no repair actions have been used to prolong the life of the jeans. The general result, looking at different environmental impact categories, showed that the mitigated environmental impact was found to be over 30% for a pair of jeans which are reused three times.

With the facts from this study, we are even more confident that our Repair and Reuse Program is crucial for us moving forward and our continuous focus on reducing our environmental impact.

You always find Re-use jeans in your local Nudie Jeans Repair Shop and to find yourself a pair of Re-use jeans online, look out for our future Re-use drops.

A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Nudie Jeans’ Repair and Reuse Concept – Maja Nellström & Mate Saric 2019, Chalmers University of Technology