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Smarter material choices – highlights from our current collection.

Spring 21 Sustainability Nuggets
Every collection is special. But sustainability-wise, our Spring 21 collection is extra special. We’re not going to give you a full review of the entire collection – however, there are a few sustainability nuggets we’d like to bring to your attention.

Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton
We’ve been repairing, reusing, and recycling for a long time, and we are always looking for new ways to make the life of our cotton fiber last longer. We have produced styles with recycled cotton before; the Rebirth collection, for example. 

So, recycled fibers come from different stages of production or the life of the finished product. We collect post-consumer recycled cotton at the Repair Shops, and pre-consumer recycled cotton can be found at our fabric suppliers. But one big hurdle has always been to amass enough recycled fibers to scale up the production. Until now, that is.

Our Tunisian fabric-supplier developed a weave with 80% organic cotton and 20% pre-consumer recycled cotton. We used the fabric for a light wash Jerry denim jacket, and a light blue option in our newest jean fit, Tuff Tony. Both these styles have that well-worn, ready-for-spring-feel. 

We feel really proud to offer two t-shirt options in a brand new, supple fabric with a great, dry feel. This fabric is made with 90% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 10% organic cotton. First off, there’s the Milton Recycled Tee available in blue melange and beige melange.

Then there’s a long-sleeve option, Rudi, available in blue melange.

The recycled cotton for the denim and the tees come from each suppliers’ production waste streams.

TENCEL™ Lyocell
When it comes to fibers for shirting fabrics, Lenzing’s TENCEL™ has become a real favorite. TENCEL™ Lyocell is the most sustainable of human-made cellulosic fibers. It’s made from FSC certified forestry. The spinning process is done in closed-loop systems, where the spinning solvents are recycled and used many times over.

For SP21, we offer two great shirts made with 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell. The Arvid Lillies is an Hawaiian shirt with an all-over to brighten up your everyday. 

And Stellan Ghost Town is the perfect western shirt with beautiful embroideries and silver studs.

TENCEL™+Organic Cotton Only
Chuck Fluid Twill is the kind of shirt you’ll want to wear every day. It’s made with a super soft, supple 49% cotton, 51% TENCEL™ fabric mix. It’s available in three different colors Oat, Navy, and Black

The cotton is sourced from Chetna Organic. By buying our cotton from Chetna, we get the positive effects of certified organic cotton. Fairtrade guarantees proper payment for the cotton, plus. Fair working conditions for the farmers. 

Peace Silk
Ahimsa silk, also called Peace silk, is produced in a cruelty-free manner. The process allows the silkworm to hatch and leave the cocoon as nature intended, in its proper silk moth form. The Mark Souvenir is a beautifully crafted, shiny varsity jacket with embroidered logo letters on the chest and a snake on the back. The fabric is made with 25% Peace silk and 75% organic cotton.

Smarter Indigo Dyeing
One of our Italian fabric suppliers uses a new indigo dyeing method that doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals. Instead, it uses electricity, indigo powder, water, and caustic soda. The technology is called Smart-Indigo™ and is by far the most sustainable method for fabric-dyeing. The only discharge of the Smart-Indigo™ technology is oxygen, so it is positive for the dyehouse workers and the environment.

When you reduce the number of chemicals, you also get the positive effect of water reduction. The process has proven to save water-use by up to 75%. Since less water is used, the indigo juice concentration is higher, allowing the yarns to be dipped fewer times.

We have two denim options made with Smart-Indigo™ available now, but more are added as we venture deeper into spring. Check out Gritty Jackson Dry Classic Navy and Breezy Britt Sonoran Sun.

RElastane is a Thing Now
When it comes to the future of sustainable stretch denim, Hightop Tilde Blue Sun has a lot going for it. It’s made with 97% cotton/3% pre-consumer recycled elastane, a fabric made exclusively for our Italian denim supplier Candiani. The dye used for this weave is called Indigo Juice. It doesn’t penetrate the fiber as deep, which gives the denim great-looking results with less water and fewer washes at the laundry unit. For this one, Indigo Juice has been combined with a natural polymer called Kitotex® Vegetal, which comes from natural sources like mushrooms and seaweed. Using them reduces water use by 15%, 33% chemicals, and 25% energy, compared to conventional dyeing techniques.