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Special Project: Aphrodite 25 yrs (and counting…)


To celebrate the 25th birthday of Aphrodite Clothing we’ve teamed up to bring you a limited edition collaborative capsule that pays homage to their newest milestone.

Designed exclusively for the Sunderland crews 25-year milestone we created the 25 pairs of the bespoke Lean Dean Dry 25 Dots, made in selvage (100% organic cotton) featuring exclusive Aphrodite interior pocket lining and jacron back patch (hole punched 25 times to represent each year of being in business). To accompany Lean Dean there is an exclusive 25 Dots graphic print t-shirt and tote bag included.

The Aphrodite 25th Anniversary capsule collection is available exclusively at Aphrodite.

— Lean Dean Dry Selvage 25 Dots (25 pcs)
— Printed tee (25 pcs)
— Printed tote (25 pcs)