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The making of a Canadian Tuxedo: Month 2

Four weeks in and we’re already seeing results on Steven’s workwear. If you missed the first part of our 12 Month Break-In Journey series, you best get familiar. Spring hit Kelowna and Steven got a new car, but also a gash in his finger. This is part 2.

So, march was off to a great start. I got myself a new car and went on a bunch of road trips around the valley and province. Went on some lovely hikes in the back country.
Its been really sweet to see how much the jeans have already faded and how they are becoming like another layer of skin for me.

The weather has been great, most days have been sunny and clear with blue sky, there were a couple of days while working when the rain literally poured.
The sad story of the month would be slicing my finger open at work, having to sit in emergency to get it all stitched up. Nothing major, just some pain and bleeding, but it’s all good now.

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