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User Stories: Mathias

Mathias wore his Grim Tims for 20 months with only two washes. Now he only wears them on special occasions.

I remember when I bought this pair, it was the month of February and I had just got home from a year in Australia. I needed a new pair of drys to blend in with the infamous dark and grey Swedish winter. I wasn’t sure which fit to go for, but somehow I ended up with a pair of Grim Tim Organic Dry Selvage. I wrote the date of purchase on the pocket bag and the journey began.

I always feel like Bilbo Baggins when I’m wearing a new pair of drys. Don’t know if it has something to do with my length or my hairy feet, but I sure love wearing a new pair of drys.

No matter brand nor fit, my jeans always rip in the crotch, so to keep the hurt at bay, I reinforced it before I even started to wear them. I did a lot of fun stuff during the period I broke in this pair and the memories of these times are kind of stuck to the jeans.

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