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What’s in a square?

We see checkered shirts every day, but do we ever pause and think about what checks or squares are? Who makes them and how are they made? Is there a mathematical formula telling you what colors to pick and where to place each line?Is there a machine or computer that makes squares? In some cases you may claim that the music of chance has some relevance, but in most cases there’s a real person, diligently toiling away over color samples; armed with rulers and an infallible sense of taste, trying to find the perfect square.

When making a square there are a few parameters that needs to be taken into consideration. Choosing your four or five favorite colors may not always be a great idea, since you don’t really know what will happen when you mix them together and what happens in-between the lines. Clear colors will give you a dull pattern, very static and impersonal. Using slightly dirty, and faded pastels however, and throwing in something unexpected, will give you a vibrant and interesting pattern.

According to us, the best squares are made in Japan. Over the years we’ve used a lot of different Japanese fabrics and the result has always been very great.
There’s really no telling why a Japanese square is superior. One reason might be that you can really tell that there’s a lot of hard work behind it. Expert knowledge and and the idea that everything can and should be refined and improved every time you make something is significant in Japanese culture; to master the art of calligraphy takes years of practice, and becoming a sumo wrestler is also a time consuming ordeal. This aspect is prevalent when they make their squares too. The right choice of colors and how many to feature are what sets the Japanese apart from the rest. This is our opinion, we cannot stress that enough.

So, what is it that makes the square? What part of this intricate pattern dictates the terms of the square as we know it? It’s almost impossible to answer all these questions, and the more we think about it, more questions arise. So let’s not dwell on it, check out our range of shirts, and our checkered shirts in particular and judge for yourself.