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  1. Kaihara Selvage / Gritty Jacksson - Re-use
    Kaihara Selvage / Gritty Jacksson - Re-use
  2. This mid-weight, 13.5 oz. selvage from Kaihara mills has been our standard selvage since the beginning. We've been through a lot over the past twenty years, and we've seen a lot of spectacular fades. With the release of Gritty Jackson Dry Selvage, we make sure that the legacy continues.

  3. When worn long enough without washing, your worn drys start reflecting what you've gone through over the past months. There's heart, soul, and probably a few amusing anecdotes buried in those twill lines.

  4. All organic 13.5 oz Kaihara selvage denim.

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  5. Kaihara re-use
    Kaihara re-use

    Over twenty years of dry Kaihara selvage denim means thousands and thousands of break-in journeys. With the release of Gritty Jackson, and to celebrate the continued legacy of our standard selvage, we give you Re-use drop #15 – the Kaihara edition.

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