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  1. It is more than just the contrasting colored yarn woven into the outseam of your jeans. That's a neat detail, but more importantly, a testament to unparalleled quality and true craftsmanship.

  2. Selvage is the pinnacle of denim engineering. Our selection of premium selvage gets stronger with every season and offers you plenty of options. Check out our dynamic range of drys and compelling washes from some of the best denim mills in the world.

  3. Based on technical qualities, selvage is not superior to other denim. However, the machinery used to make the denim is. These unique fabrics are produced on narrow shuttle looms that are sometimes over 100 years old. It's a slow process with a low output. One single yarn, pushed back and forth on the loom creates a self-bound edge on each side of the twill, hence the word selvage. The color of the contrasting yarn? It’s called ID, and it was a way for mills to keep the different weaves apart when producing for multiple manufacturers.