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How should I wash my jeans?

Firstly, we recommend washing as seldom as possible due to two reasons:

A. The less we as consumers wash the less water and energy is used – thus environmental impact is decreased.
B. If wearing Dry Denim it's a good thumb rule to wear them daily for about 6 months before the first wash to ensure the jeans then get enough wear to develop a nice worn-in look.

So our recommendation below is mostly valid for dry Denim Jeans, as pre-washed jeans are not affected by washing to the same extent.

  1. Wear and use your dry jeans as much as possible. We recommend at least 6 months of daily wear so that you develop a unique worn-in look.
    If you choose to wash earlier than the 6 months then make sure to wash it on a very gentle cycle. What you want is to lower the mechanical movement to avoid any bad wash effects. This can be done by setting the spin to low on a regular cycle, or choosing a cycle such as "hand wash" or "gentle", options most domestic washing machines have.

  2. Turn your jeans inside-out, soak them in water and put them in your washing machine.

  3. Use moderately gentle detergent for colored clothes - detergents with bleaching agents are not to be used. Also, refrain from using a fabric softener when washing stretch jeans as this degrades the elastane.

  4. Use a regular wash cycle at 40°C.

  5. When the washing cycle is done directly remove the jeans and stretch the inseam and waistband to minimize shrinking.

  6. Even out any creases on the jeans and let them hang dry - do not tumble dry your jeans.

In order to further minimize the amount of shrinkage, it's recommended to stretch the jeans thoroughly, both in the waistband and inseam, several times during the drying process. So you can preferably stretch them once directly after the wash, once when they're damp and once when they're almost dry.

Good luck with the washing!