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What kind of dye do you use? Is the dye certified organic?

Many different dyes are used, and we endeavor to progressively use GOTS-certified dyes; our Ever Black style is one good example of a black denim dyed with GOTS-certified dyestuff. Most commonly we use synthetic indigo dyes, but for some styles we have also used natural indigo from the indigofera tinctoria plant. All of our suppliers must sign and comply with our Restricted Substance List (RSL). It is in line with the best practices in the textile industry and legislation, and we regularly perform tests to ensure that we do not exceed the limits.

The yarn-dyeing process takes place before the denim fabric is made, whereas the washing of the jeans is done in the laundry, after the jeans have been made. All dyeing and washing of our garments is carried out in closed systems, which means no chemicals are released into nature or the natural water system.