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Will Brexit affect my order?

Short answer – no, your shopping experience at will remain the same.

On December 31st, 2020, the United Kingdom will leave the EU. By leaving the EU, consumers will be subject to paying taxes and duties when shopping from EU countries. However, Nudie Jeans will cover all expenses for UK customers buying at such as customs duty and customs clearance costs. Nudie Jeans will act as an importer and will work to avoid any hassle or unexpected costs for you as a customer. So your shopping experience at Nudie Jeans, both in-store and online, will be unaffected by Brexit. The recent Brexit changes might however have an effect on transportation time. So at the moment delivery and return shipments may take longer than usual.

Please note that when returning you need to hand over the customs invoice to UPS. You can read more about returns here.

If you have any further questions about Brexit you can contact our customer care team here.

For customers ordering to the Channel Islands
Please note you may be required to pay customs duties and clearance costs as the Channel Islands would be leaving the EU-Customs Union.