We still follow the same agenda as we had from the beginning; producing our garments in the most sustainable and fair way as possible. And back then, exactly as today, it all started with a pair of drys.

Some say double denim. Some call it Canadian Tuxedo. We say this: Our dry tux is all non-tox, made with 100% organic cotton, no pesticides, no hazardous chemicals, just clean fabric.

It was a pair of dry jeans that got this company started. Dry denim, or rather indigo, is in our bloodstream. But there’s more to find beyond that dark, raw fabric.

Wearing your dry denim for a long time will pay off. Due to the properties of the indigo dye, the color will slowly rub off.

The more you wear, the more your lifestyle will be revealed.

Your jeans will fade to beauty.

Wearing your dry denim for a long time will pay off. Due to the properties of the indigo dye, the color will slowly rub off.


Since clean dry denim fabric is one of the corner stones of Nudie Jeans, why would we use anything but clean cotton to produce it? In fact all our cotton garments originate from organic farming.

Organic cotton is grown without any toxic chemicals or genetically modified seeds. It has a low impact on the environment. Organic production leaves the soil useful for other crops to supplement farmer’s food and income. It is beneficial for biodiversity.

In contrast, conventional cotton is a chemical intense process. These chemicals have a tremendous negative effect on air, water and soil.

As they are among the most toxic substances around, they also have a huge impact on people’s health in cotton-growing areas.

What to choose is a no-brainer. It’s really about common sense.

And there are more benefits. No artificial pesticides or fertilizers means no energy consumption to produce those substances.

Organic cotton is rain-fed to large parts, meaning less irrigation and less strain on already water-scarce areas.

With all these facts on hand, it is a mystery why less than 1% of all cotton produced world-wide is organic.

98.8% sustainable products

What is a sustainable product? Aside from organic cotton we use recycled fibers such as wool and polyester. As a classification tool we use’s benchmarking for environmental fibers.

As we sum up 2018, 98,8% of all Nudie Jeans’ products were sustainable. During 2018 we replaced the leather patches on our jeans and denim jackets with a vegan alternative, made with paper.

Benefits of organic cotton

46% reduced global warming potential. 91% reduced blue water consumption. 62% reduced primary energy demand. Also acidification and soil erosion have significantly reduced numbers.

Blue water:
water withdrawn from ground water or surface water.
Primary energy demand:
energy from non-renewable sources.
*figures according to a life cycle analysis comparing conventional and organic cotton executed by The Textile Exchange.