Boxer BriefsSolid White

Organic and Fairtrade cotton
Regular fit

249 SEK

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You can wear Nudie from layer one. And what is better to keep closest to your body than organic and Fairtrade cotton?

When you buy this peace of underwear, you can be sure that we have paid our share of living wages for it.

Fairtrade cotton

The cotton used for Nudie Jeans basic tees, long sleeves, basic sweatshirt, underwear and shirts made in India are both organic and Fairtrade certified.

The Fairtrade cotton is grown and ginned in India. Using organic and Fairtrade cotton is good both for the environment, the people who grow and handle the cotton and for the end con­sumer.

The Fairtrade certified cotton ensures that the farmers are paid a fair price for their cotton. And we contrib­ute to the growth of the local community by the Fairtrade premium we pay. The organic cotton ensures that organic farming practice are followed and that no harmful chemicals are used in the process.

To learn more about Fairtrade visit their website:

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Made in India
92% Cotton/8% Elastane/
249 SEK
249 SEK