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Gritty Jackson Blue Rainbow

Regular fit jeans with a straight leg made made from a 13 oz. organic selvage denim crafted by weaving mill Yamaashi Orimono in Okayama, Japan. The denim is best described as a time capsule from a distant past with its awe-inspiring vintage look. This is denim at its very, very best.


  • Organic cotton
  • 13 oz. Japanese Selvage denim
  • Tobacco thread on all seams
  • Rainbow gradient back pocket embroidery
  • Vintage-inspired copper trims
  • Zip fly
  • Blue-dyed Jacron patch
  • Regular fit
  • Mid waist
  • Straight leg
  • Regular leg opening
100% Cotton
Made in Italy


Regular fit jeans with a straight leg made in organic Japanese selvage denim from Toyoshima.

The ‘Black’ and ‘Blue’ pieces explore what birthed our unfailing love for denim. As such, we crafted them from the finest organic Japanese selvage denim, paired with vintage-inspired trims. We made the back pocket embroideries with 3-color rainbow gradients, colors that remain while the denim evolves. Like a game of hide-and-seek, they will take turns in hiding while the others are out in the open. These pieces reflect our love for the ever-evolving soul of denim.

The 13. oz indigo selvage denim used for this denim jacket is from Toyoshima, crafted by weaving mill Yamaashi Orimono in Okayama, Japan. With its awe-inspiring vintage look, it is best described as a time capsule from a distant past. We look far and wide for denim, and admittedly we are pretty picky. Some spark an interest; some don’t, others grow, and a select few hits like a ton of bricks at first glance. The latter is the best way of describing our reaction when we first laid eyes on this selvage denim. What made our synapses go haywire was mainly two things. The first is the visually pleasing side – it’s almost blackish indigo warp, clearly visible ecru weft, perfectly irregular structure, and slightly fuzzy surface. The second is its marvelously impressive tactile side – its coarse twill structure, well-balanced starchiness, and rich 3-dimensional depth.

Both warp and weft yarns have been ring-spun from unbleached organic cotton, and the warp has been dip-dyed 11 times in pure indigo while the weft has its natural cotton color. The fabric structure and tactility are a product of the low tension under which the denim is woven. The protruding cotton fibers have been kept on the surface, giving it its fuzziness. This rather sparse weaving process that from spinning to finishing is done by the great standards of the past and, above all, the craftsmanship behind it, is what gives this denim its jaw-dropping vintage look. Needless to say, we are extremely proud to offer Gritty Jackson in this marvelous selvage denim, and we hope that you are as excited as we are about seeing these worn-in, washed-out, and torn-up.

As with all dry denim, we recommend at least 6 months of daily wear before the first wash. This is, of course, only a recommendation. Washing earlier and more frequently also renders great results, but make sure to either hand wash or use a gentle washing machine cycle. As long as you take care of your jeans, they will, in turn, reward you with an evolving patina that very well might render the best-looking washed jeans you will ever have.

Gritty Jackson Blue Rainbow