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  • Organic cotton
  • 14 oz. rigid denim
  • Orange thread on all seams
  • Copper trims
  • Button fly
  • Jacron patch
  • Regular tapered fit
  • Slim leg opening
100% Cotton
Made in Italy


Regular fit jeans with a tapered leg made in organic denim. These dry denim jeans are made from a 14 oz. rigid denim with a deep, redcast, indigo tone. The denim is starchy, chunky, and has a great vintage denim look. The irregular weft yarns, the white yarns mostly visible on the back of the fabric, give the denim an irregular and neppy structure. The weft is actually so irregular and neppy that the inside of these jeans looks a bit hairy. With wearing and washing the neps will wear off and give the jeans a grainy look. Washing will also make the irregular yarns shrink slightly differently which will create marbling wash effects. So thanks to the variation in yarn thickness these jeans will develop a patina that is characteristic of the '80s and '90s era vintage jeans. We hope you, just like us, don't mind a bit of extra character to your dry denim, because we are massively keen on seeing these worn in!

As with all dry denim we recommend at least 6 months of daily wear prior to the first wash. This is of course only a recommendation. Washing earlier and more frequently also renders great results, but make sure to either hand wash or use a gentle washing machine cycle. As long as you take care of your jeans they will, in turn, reward you with an evolving patina that very well might render the best looking washed jeans you will ever have.

Steady Eddie II Dry Rope