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Organic cotton
11.5 oz. comfort stretch denim
Hand numbered replica
Limited to 300 pairs
Orange thread on all seams
Copper trims
Button fly
Special jacron patch
Printed pocket bag
Regular tapered fit
Slim leg opening

99% Cotton / 1% Elastane
Made in Italy

This is a replica of our friend Tsuyoshi’s beautifully worn-in and repaired jeans. He bought the jeans in 2014 and has worn them since. Once the jeans started to wear out Tsuyoshi began repairing them himself. On his jeans, as well as this replica, you will see 33 darning repairs and six boro style patch mending’s, using multiple fabrics and a variety of thread colors. Tsuyoshi’s wear journey was therefore very much an exploration into repairing, something he did real good from the get-go! This is one of the reasons for the greatness of his jeans, another being the tasteful mix of repair techniques that Tsuyoshi utilized.

When we met Tsuyoshi in late 2018, he had a sweet way of describing the synonymy in caring for your belongings the same way you care for your friends;

“The relationship between me and my jeans is kind of the same as the relationship between me and my friends. If I have problems with my friends, I never think I’ll need to get new ones. If I have problems with my jeans, I always try to repair them. If me and my friends are in trouble, we always try to fix our relationship. It is sort of the same.”

Following the days that we had the pleasure to hang out with Tsuyoshi it’s safe to say that we were just as amazed of his jeans as we were humbled by his persona. So, thank you Tsuyoshi, for letting us lend your jeans, but more importantly for sharing your story.

Steady Eddie II Tsuyoshi Replica
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