Steady EddieRich Contrast

Organic cotton
13.5 oz. rigid denim
Orange threads and indigo back pocket embo
Copper trims
Button fly
Regular Tapered Fit
Slim Leg Opening
220 USD
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Product info

We love it when our jeans say something about us. Months and years, memories and stories buried deep in those lines of twill. Breaking in jeans is hard work and we know that it's not for everyone. But since everyone loves a great set of broken in denim, we've always been proud to offer a wide range of genuine, true-to-life pre-washed denim.

Since April 2018 we shifted our production into using the paper-based material jacron for our waistband patches. Now all our denim products are produced using the jacron patch. However, a number of our products will have stock of both jacron and leather for some time. This product is one of those and comes with a patch in either jacron or leather. Both do, of course, hold a high quality and are visually very similar.
Made in Italy
100% Cotton/
220 USD
220 USD