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Ture NJ x WM Recycled Blanket

Blanket made with recycled fibers from wool and denim.

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Recycled wool mixed with recycled denim
Size: 150 x195 cm
Can be machine washed

20% Cotton / 15% Polyester / 65% Wool
Made in Australia

Waverley Mills is Australia’s oldest working textile mill. Since 1874 it’s been producing Australia’s highest quality wool textiles. With a commitment to environment and community and with decades of experience of making recycled woolen blankets this cooperation came very naturally to us as it allows us to close the loop in our Australian shops.
Ture NJ & WM Blanket is a perfect mix of wool offcuts from the factory floor and cotton from old Nudie Jeans. Virgin polyester has been added to increase the durability of the yarn.
It’s woven in tonal blocks in green and blue pastels. The color specks in the yarn are a feature of the recycled jeans. You can see the orange threads pop up here and there. A brush gives the blanket a soft feel.

Ture NJ x WM Recycled Blanket