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Uno Ten Pin Chalk White

T-shirt especially made to go perfect with our love for Japanese dry denim.

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  • Organic cotton
  • Selvage denim print
  • Pigment dye
  • Relaxed fit
100% Cotton
Made in Portugal


This tee is made to match Tuff Tony Ten Pin Selvage. It's crafted in a clean, cool jersey made with organic cotton. A garment stone wash gives the tee a kind of lived-in outlook that we think goes so well with denim.

So, what about the print? We look far and wide for denim, and admittedly we are pretty picky. We operate much like nerdy collectors, categorizing denim based on how much they excite us. Some spark an interest; some don't, others grow, and a select few hits like a ton of bricks at first glance. The latter is the best way of describing our reaction when we first laid eyes on this particular selvage denim. It was like a strike in bowling - a bang immediately followed by a row of continuously interconnected bangs that dissipated into a quiet moment of clarity - ten pins down in our brains, so to speak. Given our reaction, we felt it appropriate to name the fabric "Ten Pin Selvage." The 13. oz indigo selvage denim is from Toyoshima, crafted by weaving mill Yamaashi Orimono in Okayama, Japan. With its awe-inspiring vintage look, it is best described as a time capsule from a distant past.

Uno Ten Pin Chalk White