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Vinny Dry Deep Selvage

Regular fit denim jacket made in a 12.5 oz. Japanese selvage denim from Kurabo. A selvage denim that is a replication of a 120 years old American selvage denim.

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  • Organic cotton
  • 12.5 oz. comfort stretch denim
  • Indigo buttonholes
  • Navy bartacks
  • Tobacco thread all over
  • Antique silver trims
  • Regular fit
99% Cotton / 1% Elastane
Made in Tunisia


Denim jacket made in a beautiful and starchy 12.5 oz. Japanese selvage denim. Kurabo Mills in Japan has with this denim replicated an old denim fabric. The original denim was found on the west coast of the USA and was dated back to the goldmine era. With some 120 years on its back, we can just assume that it looked somewhat weathered. Once it reached Kurabo it was analyzed in detail with the aim of recreating the look of the denim when it was fresh from the loom. Being known for their meticulous eye for detail Kurabo was likely one of the best suited for the task. What Kurabo found was that much of the character came from the spinning method used and the color of the weft yarns. In par with the standards of its time, the ring-spun yarns had an uneven structure and thickness. The weft yarns were also found to be far from white, likely consisting of unbleached cotton. Kurabo replicated the yarn structure, weft color and dyed the warp with 12 dips of indigo.

What you are looking at is our pleated denim jacket Vinny sewn from this specific Kurabo fabric. The buttonholes are sewn with indigo thread, the bartacks with navy thread and the seams with contrasting tobacco thread. A thread combination that is utterly beautiful when the jacket is in its dry state. With wear, the indigo buttonholes will fade while the navy bartacks and tobacco seams will keep its color and create beautiful depth at seams. This is greatness, and yes, it can by all means be matched up with our Lean Dean or Grim Tim Dry Deep Selvage.

Vinny Dry Deep Selvage