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  1. We asked our colleagues Johan and Mathias to
    dig deeper into their archives than ever before and
    find something spectacular to donate. One is a set
    of limited edition, selvage Grim Tims, the other is a
    one-off High Kai from 2010.

    Full drop now available
  2. If you enjoy your Nudie Jeans denim, thank Johan.
    He’s part of the team who calls the shots on all
    things denim around here. If you match his size, you
    may become the lucky owner of this stunning set of
    denim, and you’ll have even more reason to thank
    him. This one is truly special.

  3. ”Working with denim doesn’t give me access to any
    special tools, but when you work with
    fabric-manufacturers and laundries, you spend a lot
    of time on your hands and knees on dirty factory
    floors. So, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve had the
    knees replaced a couple of times.

    Get Johans High Kai´s
  4. In May 2013 we released a limited edition of Grim Tim
    made with organic cotton from a tiny farm in New Mexico.
    There were only 480 pairs made of these Japanese,
    13.5 oz. selvage denim. They were broken in by Mathias,
    but they may soon be yours to enjoy.

  5. ”Like a true denim head, I scribbled the date on
    the pocket lining when I put them in rotation. However,
    I don’t remember the first wash because I forgot to
    write that on the pocket. Back then, my mindset
    was always, ’Nine months before washing,’ but I
    might have gone as far as twelve with this pair.
    Also, I can’t remember whether they’re washed two
    or three times. Maybe I’m not such a denim head
    after all… But all repairs are done by me, will that
    restore some credibility?”

    Get Mathias Grim Tim´s