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  1. Respect the worker logo
    Respect the worker logo

    This collection is a tribute to the men and women who make our garments – hardworking craftspeople who realize our vision with skill, expert knowledge, and experience.

    Like most other clothing brands, we do not own the factories where we make our clothes. However, we bear the responsibility to provide a safe, fair and, ethical working environment for everyone involved in making our product.

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    The fashion industry is often under scrutiny for not taking responsibility for social and environmental issues. We must change that. We do not own the factories where we manufacture our clothes. But without the safety and well-being of the skilled women and men working in the factories and cotton farmlands, Nudie Jeans simply could not exist.

    We've never been shy to tackle any problems head-on. So, to be that change and a force of good within our industry, we are involved in different projects and programs to make change happen. In 2020, we joined Sağ Salim, a project to increase transparency in our supply chain and support and protect cotton farmers in Turkey.

  3. Another action we take to protect worker rights and ensure a safe and healthy working environment, is to perform audits, and facilitate training for employees at manufacturing facilities. We are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and follow their Code of Labor Practice.