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  1. We just released a bunch of new Re-use jeans on Again, we asked our colleagues to do some closet excavation and find something special for this drop. And as usual, we struck denim gold.

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  2. In 2016, Loose Leif moved on to greener pastures. But for the twelfth installment of our Online Re-use Drops, we were able to get our hands on a pair worn by our very own Oscar Fritzson. At the moment, he’s on a nine-month parental-leave, spending time with his son. Making sure there will be more Re-use jeans available for future generations.

    “The knees are somewhat busted, but that has nothing to do with me crawling on all fours. This is actually the last pair I broke in before becoming a dad. I guess I’m just really good at blowing out the knees really fast. However, with Bill now being my new boss and considering his interests, I can definitely see my current pair in need of some TLC pretty soon.”

  3. “With the Re-use program, the online drops, and my reliable process, you will be able to get at least one new pair from me every year. I don’t get too nostalgic about my jeans. It feels great to know that my jeans will be worn and enjoyed by someone else, rather than ending up on a desk somewhere. Yeah, I see you, jeans team!”

    “I wouldn’t consider myself a denim aficionado. Still, I enjoy the feeling of breaking in a pair of selvage jeans. If you haven’t tried it, I would definitely recommend it. I always go for a wider fit because I read somewhere you become a better thinker when wearing loose-fitting pants. The late Umberto Eco wrote that however great tight jeans may look, they restrict your thinking. But I am absolutely positive that Umberto would have been brilliant in my well-worn Loose Leifs.”

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  4. “When shopping for second-hand and vintage stuff, there’s a thrill of the chase. Of course, there is an environmental aspect of the whole thing, but what’s more important to me is the uniqueness of that product. There is only this one copy, and it has the soul and a story to tell. It’s pretty deep, man.”

    We genuinely love the Re-use program. And when Josefin told us she was about to put her beloved Grim Tims back into the program, we knew that we had to do a feature. So, meet Josefin: badass drummer, lover of all things rock n roll and denim, and she’s also operating the front desk at Nudie Jeans HQ in Gothenburg.

    “I sometimes think about the previous owner; who they are, what they do, and of course, what made them part ways with these awesome Grim Tims. I’m happy they did, though; I mean, just look at these jeans! When I picked them off the Re-use rack, they were beaming. There is definitely a connection between all three of us.”

  5. “Maybe I should have kept them a while longer, but I felt I wanted to start my own journey; break in my own pair, and have them tell the story of the band I started with my friend, Anna, during the pandemic. Drumming is an excellent way to break in jeans.”

    “We are spending most of our time in our studio, writing songs, playing Yahtzee, and preparinzg to spread the Vyrus – it’s the name of our band. Hopefully, we’ll have an EP ready by the end of the year.”

    Get Jossan’s Grim Tim