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  1. Re-use Drop 13 Bettinas Sharp Bengt text
    Re-use Drop 13 text

    "There are many different reasons why a woman's body changes – for me, it was pregnancy. I did not want to buy a new wardrobe – both from a sustainable and economic perspective. Also, I did not want to give up on my personal style and what I loved wearing just because of this change happening. This experience changed me both physically and mentally. Folke, my son, is almost two; he's the best. And my body made him! So, a pair of Reuse jeans is a great investment, no matter what."

    Bettina is our wholesale coordinator and the third owner of these Big Bengts. They were her go-to during both pregnancy, parental leave, and beyond. This story and the jeans are both celebrations of life and the women who wore the jeans.

  2. Re-use Drop 13 Bettina Quote
    Re-use Drop 13 Bettinas Quote
  3. Re-use Drop 13 Bettina Quote

    "They look stunning now, but I really wore them and didn't spare them anything. I wore them all the time: during pregnancy and parental leave, while gardening; they've been through a lot – they helped bring life into this world. Twice! A friend and colleague picked these off the Reuse rack when she got pregnant and absolutely loved wearing them. And when I told her I was expecting, she gifted them to me."

    "If you are someone who loves the look of well-worn denim, the Reuse program is incredible. I love dry denim, but I keep multiple pairs in rotation, so it takes a long time before any wear and tear start to show. It's a beautiful process when you do it yourself, but sharing the process with others is something truly special. Someone else started the journey. I've added my story to the legacy of these jeans. And passing the baton to someone else who'll add to their own chapter just shows the magic of clothes that can live forever."

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  4. Re-use Drop 13 Davids Pima Selvage text
    Re-use Drop 13 Davids Pima Selvage Text

    "These jeans are something special. They were one of the early limited-edition releases from way back in 2013. Mathias, who's been my partner in crime for many years, got a pair too, and he wanted to make a break-in competition out of it. He was so excited about it, so I felt I had to accept it. But to tell you the truth, I didn't focus too much on winning; I just enjoyed wearing the jeans."

    In 2013, we released this limited run of Grim Tims made with organic cotton from a tiny farm in New Mexico. They were limited to only 480 pairs and came in a beautiful cardboard box.

  5. Re-use Drop 13 Davids Pima Selvage Text
    Re-use Drop 13 Davids Pima Selvage Quote and text

    "I did my fair share of DJing and clubbing back then, and the moving and sweating probably helped get some of that indigo out. No need to worry, though; they've been washed and repaired."

    "I only wore them for a year, and I washed them pretty early on. There are no actual repairs, but Michael, the Repair Guy, reinforced them in a few areas, which means there's a lot of potential for a new owner to turn them into something fantastic and personal."

    "As for the competition, I'll let Mathias have this win. His jeans look great. But I'm pretty sure my Grim Tim will find a new owner before his..."

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