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    If you put any daydreamer anywhere, and they will, sooner or later, find water. There's something peculiar about it, it possesses an almost magnetic quality. We humans consist of approximately 60% water, and water covers about 70% of the planet. We need it to survive. Some more than others.

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    If there ever was one, water has been the constant in Anton Stenros' life. He was born and raised in the middle of the Baltic Sea, on one of the many isles in the Åland archipelago. That's where he felt the pull of the ocean for the first time.

    "At sixteen, I left home and moved to Gothenburg on the west coast. That was maybe my way of revolting, albeit in a mild manner. I studied Nautical Science with hopes of becoming a ship's officer. Between 2001 and 2004, I attended a secondary school with a program for students who wanted to sail. I realize how wild that was; I was that young, sailing around the world with my classmates. Wild!"

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    "Now I have a family, and the quiet life in the Port of Gothenburg fits me to a T. I may pilot the boat pretty much the same route, every shift. Still, there's something special about seeing the archipelago changing in front of you, depending on the time of day or year. Another aspect is, it reminds me of Åland. There are definitely similarities."

    "I may get the same views as I get when I'm at work, but the sheer beauty is stunning, and on my days off, I get to experience at my own pace. There are no paths to follow. Sure, you need to respect other boats, but you go where you want and step ashore wherever you want. It's total freedom and presence. A day spent at sea with family and friends or by yourself is never wasted. Just knowing there's dinner down there, handline fishing for mackerel, and the feeling you get when pulling the harvest ¬–that's unbeatable!

  5. "I love the idea of getting a pair of dry denim and letting time and what you do decide the outcome. I'm not going to try and sound poetic in any way, but they are a lot like the scenery out here. Time and atmospheric conditions have chiseled out something unique and beautiful. I am glad I get to be a part of it all."

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