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/ Production Part 4


We are working with engaged suppliers that value sustainability and invest in energy and water saving technologies.

Since July 2016 we have been part of UPS’ Carbon Neutral program, where we counter balance the carbon dioxide emissions our exports have generated through carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is achieved through different projects, for example reforestation or the development and installation of renewable energy power plants. The projects are verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). In 2018, our CO2 emissions from UPS deliveries reached 840 tons.

In 2018, Nudie Jeans scope for carbon offsetting include all business travel made within Nudie Jeans, as well as all transports, excluding UPS, as they have their own carbon neutral program. We have decided to use the UN Carbon Offset Platform to compensate for the emissions we cannot avoid, by supporting projects that reduce emissions elsewhere. We have invested in biogas production in the area of Tamil Nadu, which is where some parts of our Indian production are based. The project is certified Gold Standard and has several co benefits that support the local land use, welfare, and health and safety. In total, we have compensated for around 319 tons of CO2 in 2018 through the UN Carbon Offset Platform.

Our bags and packages supplier Avisera has created its own label for all of their bags and packages; they plant trees to compensate for the carbon emissions created throughout the production process. All of our bags and packaging are made under this label and in this way, we support their tree-planting activities. In 2018, the production of our bags and packages created 89 tons of CO2 emissions and to offset this, Avisera has planted around 12,000 trees in South America as part of their program.

In late 2018, Nudie Jeans decided to join the newly started Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. We have joined this initiative with the purpose of, together with other Swedish textile brands, developing a roadmap and an action plan to reduce our climate impact. The first step that will be taken in 2019 is to map our supply chains climate impact to create a basis for setting clear goals. This work will go hand in hand with SDG 13, Climate action, and specifically target 13.3, Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.


With transport to every continent in the world, we inevitably have a carbon footprint. We collect this data from all logistics partners that we work with. We transport the incoming goods by truck, train or sea freight. We try to use trains as much as we can but due to the size of shipments and availability, this is not always possible. For outgoing shipments from our warehouse in Sweden we use trucks for delivery in Europe and airfreight for all other destinations.

At Nudie Jeans we are always working to minimize our emissions. We try to pack our goods in the most effective way and combine the deliveries from Tunisia with Italian production before transporting them to Sweden. We are working on our production planning to allow the suppliers to deliver according to the timeframe decided so we can ship as much as possible by sea freight and avoid airfreight where possible. Still, the carbon footprint created by the transport of our goods represents a large part of our environmental impact.