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Nudie Jeans' Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy

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Nudie Jeans' Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy

How do we reach the final destination if it's constantly drifting off? Maybe we could leave "final" out and instead focus on the journey itself? Staying true to what you believe to be your core values and meeting several other needs is demanding. We know where we come from, and we've grown a lot since 2001. Trends have come and gone, and today people expect a lot more from us, but we still walk steadily on the same path as back then because our commitment to sustainability is forever.

Our final destination or our vision is to become the world's most sustainable denim brand. At least that's where we hope our efforts will take us. But before we have solid proof and standardized indications of being fully sustainable, our strive will be our drive with everything that entails.

We sometimes stick our heads in the clouds, allow ourselves to dream and think big, like true visionaries, but we stand firmly with both feet on the ground at the end of the day. As an active player in the global textile market, we recognize the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability and the need for long-term economic progress to enable the actions needed to decrease the environmental impact of our business and improve social standards in the supply chain.

We continually improve our sustainability performance by being conscious of selecting sustainable materials and production processes, performing third-party auditing, and following up with our suppliers. Through a well-integrated and dynamic environmental management system, we practice the idea of our sustainability commitment.

Nudie Jeans is striving to be a leader within the textile industry by systematically working in areas where we have the highest environmental impact and focus our sustainability efforts where they are most needed. Once a year, our most significant environmental aspects are analyzed, evaluated, and ranked in our environmental management system processes. We then set goals and action plans to execute the development.

We map our emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology and set science-informed targets that are in line with the 1,5-degree pathway of the Paris Agreement – taking climate action and leading by example. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we use their methodology to get the support required to build a structure for managing social aspects of our sustainability work. To make a difference, we offer our customers smart ways to consume. We support and promote consumer behaviors that contribute to a circular business and ultimately to a circular economy.

Sustainability is a natural part of the Nudie Jeans' decision-making processes and our policies. The sustainability requirements are integrated parts of our business strategy. It is composed of our policy framework: Sustainability Policy, Internal Sourcing Policy, Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, Living Wage Policy, Anti-corruption Policy, Sustainable Material Tool, Animal Welfare Policy, Climate Policy, Travel Policy, and Internal Purchase Policy. Beyond the compliance obligations we have set up for ourselves, we are committed to meet the binding requirements between Nudie Jeans and all relevant parties connected to these requirements. The Nudie Jeans board of directors has overall accountability for Nudie Jeans' environmental impact and sustainability work.

We understand the importance of agility in both mindset and how we operate. Still, some things must be concretized and put in relation to something else to define a current state. We monitor, measure, and review our sustainability performances regularly through our annual GRI-referenced sustainability report, the annual review of our environmental management system, and the yearly Brand Performance Check by the Fair Wear Foundation. We ensure our progress by creating adequate and challenging goals and strategies moving forward. We are committed to optimizing the use of resources such as raw materials, waste, energy and water, and avoiding hazardous chemicals. To verify that our engagement aligns with the global perception of sustainable development, we analyze and map our sustainability work through the lens of UN's Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Developments Goals (the SDGs). In the link below we have chosen to display the SDG model created by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. We believe it clearly illustrates the connections between the SDGs and how they serve as building blocks of our reality. Nudie Jean's prioritized Sustainable Development Goals are SDG 8, 12, 13, 15, and 17 because they capture the areas in which we have the most significant impact. The SDGs are interconnected, and we acknowledge that our business affects more goals than our most prioritized SDGs.

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