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  1. We just added another premium selvage quality to our solid selvage range – this time from Okayama, Japan. Tuff Tony Ten-Pin Selvage is made with a 13 oz. fabric, and due to low-tension weaving, it has a tactile feel to it. The surface is slightly fuzzy, a result of leaving the protruding cotton fibers on the surface. When broken in, Tuff Tony Ten-Pin Selvage will get that unmistakable vintage look.

  2. This 13 oz. premium, indigo selvage denim is crafted by the Yamaashi Orimono weaving mill in Okayama, Japan. With its awe-inspiring vintage look, it is best described as a time capsule.

    We look far and wide for the greatest denim, and to be fair, we are picky. Some weaves spark an interest; some don't. Others grow on us, But a select few hits like a ton of bricks. And that's exactly what we felt when we first laid eyes on this selvage denim. Both warp and weft yarns have been ring-spun from unbleached organic cotton, and the warp has been dip-dyed 11 times in pure indigo while the weft has its natural cotton color.

    The fabric structure and tactility are products of low-tension weaving. It's a sparse weaving process done by the great standards of the past. And above all, you can see the craftsmanship behind it.

  3. 14 oz. rigid selvage denim. 1950s replica (fabric).
    Organic cotton only. Sakura selvage ID.
    Fabric made in Okayama, Japan.

  4. The Snake Eyes selvage fabric is manufactured in the legendary denim-town of Kojima, the very birthplace of Japanese denim.