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User story: Jeppe

We live in a time when things move fast. We buy a new phone every two years for no reason at all. And the memes that made us ROFL six weeks ago stopped being funny about lunchtime the next day. This is why the sport of breaking in jeans is still very satisfying to witness – both from a breaker-inner and from a spectator point-of-view. Nostalgic – yes! But when the result is good, it’s all always great. Like really, really, really good.


And another one in the bag

You who follow us on the regular might have seen his work before. He’s a seasoned denim breaker-inner, and you will be neither surprised nor let down by Jeppe’s latest journey to denim perfection.

– I gave them a run for their money as I did a stint as a stay-at-home dad, taking care of the family, keeping the home nice and tidy, hanging out at playgrounds. Paternal leave is ace when you are breaking in denim. Walking with the stroller, we averaged about 14.000 steps together every day.


The denim time-machine – travel back in time

If there will ever be such a thing as a scenic route for denim break-in journeys, our Steady Eddie II Dry Ace Selvage is definitely the Pacific Coast Highway. Rich with memories and history.

And the story behind this dry fabric is pure legend. So, someone finds this beautiful pair of jeans at a vintage market somewhere, and it finds its way to Amohot Mills in Japan. The people at Amhot where flabbergasted by the sheer beauty of this fabric, and they took it upon themselves to reverse engineer the break-in process and recreate the original fabric. And the reason we added the adjective “ace” is that the fabric is exactly that.

Jeppe hanging jeans on wall

Back to the program

Between mid-December 2018 and October first, the year after, Jeppe wore his Dry Ace Selvage every waking hour. Except for the entire month of July, and a week on a family vacation, when shorts were the saner alternative.

Comparing dry vs worn in

– Becoming a father for the second time puts yourself and life in perspective. There’s not as much time to focus on the »me, myself and I« aspects of your former life; you kinda make do with whatever me-time you get. But I’ve been out on my motorcycle, sleeping in a tent, hanging out at festivals, you know, visiting the old stomping grounds, just to get a sip of that sweet old nectar.

Detail of worn in jeans.

If you are up for the task, check out Steady Eddie II Dry Ace Selvage at the online shop, and please let us know how you go. We love a great break-in story and would love to hear from you