Chnanon Sachdev: International Traveller in All Things Denim

Thailand loves denim, and the authority on the Thai market is Pronto Denim. Since 2006 they’ve been supplying Bangkok with the best denim from around the globe. Earlier this year, Pronto was named one of the world’s best denim stores. We caught one of the founding Sachdev brothers, Chnanon, and asked him about how it all started, what drives him, and what’s up for the future.

– We operate a small store called Pronto. From the beginning we were fortunate enough to have receive great support from everyone we worked with and from our customers. We truly appreciate being in the position we are, and all this have made our work a joy. This doesn't feel like work to me. I get to travel around, meet interesting people, work with some of the best people in the business, build and manage stores, representing great products and often witness how they are made. I'm living my dream!

– I’m inspired by details. Not just in clothing, but really in everything. When I'm not working I like spending time in the markets. I love to see how things were built, or the story of their purpose or where they came from.

– On November 30th we have the Pronto Denim Carnival coming up. For us it's surreal. Seeing the people behind some of the most respected brands from around the globe coming together just for that one day, unveiling our collab items. It takes a lot of energy and even more investment but we do it just to see happiness on the faces of people who share this interest. For us it's really worth it. This is what we live for.

For more info on the Denim Carnival, check out the Pronto Denim Blog!

User Stories: Marie

We love well-worn, broken in denim, and when we see denim worn long and hard by women we get very happy. Marie wore her Tight Long Johns for two and a half years, and she even let us do the honor of giving them the first wash.

– I have more or less lived in these jeans for two and a half years, and they’ve kept me company through many travels. These Tight long Johns have seen everything from the mud and dirt at the Way Out West festival to climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka.

– I bought them at the Vallgatan Repair Shop back in 2012 and have been an essential for my everyday life, but also for festive occasions. Now when they have been washed for the first time they are more than that just a pair of jeans. They are a bit of everything of me.

A Promise of Free Repairs: The first 6 Years

Last week we celebrated the 6 year anniversary of our Vallgatan Repair Shop, in Göteborg. There was music, food and drinks, balloons and lots of old and new friends.

Since 2010 we offer free repairs on all Nudie Jeans denim. Repair specialist at 19 Repair Shops worldwide help people bring new life into their worn and torn favorite jeans. The Vallgatan Repair Shop in Göteborg offered this service long before this was even a concept and a promise. Today, every pair of jeans we produce comes with free repairs for as long as they are repairable; a service we are proud to offer our customers.

However, free repairs are not only offered at the Repair Shops. If geography makes it impossible for you to get your denim repaired in-store, we're sending out a free Repair Kit which instantaneously makes you the repair specialist.

User Stories: Max Spallek

These jeans show that a pair can be used for a very long time, if you show them love and repair them when they need it. This pair found it’s way back to us, like little fish swimming back home to bring life to new fish.

– The jeans I sent to you are about 7 and a half years old. I bought them here in Berlin and they were my second pair of dry denim. I remember when I saw my first pair of Nudie Jeans denim at a store, I was really impressed with the heaviness of the material. At first, breaking in the denim was a day job. During the first year, I brought them sailing in Greece. Lots of saltwater, ropes, fish and too much oily french fries. I really don't know how many times I washed them over the years, but during the first year there was no washing.

– I really like the idea that it’s only you and your life that form the jeans, and that there are no stupid bleaching spots made by chemicals and so on.

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 8: It Was Summer

All adventures during the Swedish summer did at one point twine the gang all together. Blodarnas Knivhus were all set to roadtrip themselves from Norway, Denmark and different parts of Sweden to set up a camp by the farmlands of Dalarna. For a few days when a small music festival was being set up, they built a staircase down to the river side, went night time skateboarding down the grassy slopes and prepared themselves for the best times of their lives. And it looks like it will continue like that from here.

Photo: Suzanne Emanuelsson /

Denimopedia: Getting Jeans

Shopping for jeans might be a bit of a hassle. You might feel uneasy about putting your life in the hands of a salesperson who, most likely, will try to get you to buy a pair of denim. You might not always know what to get, but coming prepared is never a bad thing. Here’s a guide on how you buy the best pair of jeans you’ve ever had. Hopefully, it’s a pair of Nudie Jeans denim.

GETTING THE RIGHT FIT Fit is everything. You either want comfort or you want to look really smart, sometimes both. Our aim has always been to cover all bases in terms of fits. We got the super skinny, tight fits and slim fits made with stretch denim and the regular fits. Suffice it to say, there’s something for everyone.

TIGHT FITS All of our skinny fits are meant to fit really tight, so they are made with power stretch for ultimate comfort. This means that they will stretch and retract as you wear them. What it doesn’t mean is that you should throw high-kicks and bust ninja moves. The power stretch fabrics we use only contain a low percentage of elastane, but they have a high level of stretch ability, so when buying tight fit, we suggest you stay true to size. Sizing down, even though it’s possible, will put a lot of strain on the fabric which in turns makes it more susceptible to rips and blowouts.

SLIM FITS Some of the fits in our slim fit segment also contain stretch, the same amount, but the stretch ability is not as generous. Let us remind you, the stretch is there for comfort, not for acrobatics. The options made with rigid denim will also stretch from wear, however, they won’t retract unless you wash them.

REGULAR FITS The regular fit segment is all about comfort. If you prefer a relaxed straight fit, this is where you should be able to find exactly that. No stretch or no loss of blood flow involved. The regular fits should give you a little more room around the hip and thigh, if not, size up. Remember, all denim stretches from wear, and retracts when you wash them, so sizing down may cause them to become way too tight when washed. True to size, friends. That's what Nudie Jeans recommends. Use our Fit Guide to compare our fits, and see how they fit.

DRY, BLACK OR PRE-WASHED Wear your denim for at least six months before you wash them. You’ve heard that one a million and one times, and this is a recommendation for our dry denim, and selvage denim. And the part about wearing dry jeans for at least six months is only to be taken as a suggestion, if you want your jeans to get patina and a worn-in look.

Breaking in a pair of jeans is an arduous task and not for everyone. That’s why we have pre-washed options. If you buy pre-washed denim, they have been washed and treated to resemble a worn in jean. If the denim looks like it’s been worn for two years, the process have pretty much taken these years off your jeans. With black denim, it’s a different story. Rigid, black denim will break in, eventually, but it takes a whole lot of effort and you need to put some work in. The black stretch denim should not be worn for six months without wash, they just won’t develop the same wear and tear as the rigid, or indigo dyed denim. There will be some visible wear and tear, but when you wash them the dye will bleed and fade.

HOW TO WEAR AND TAKE CARE OF THE JEANS It may sound a bit condescending to tell people how to wear their jeans, but this is really important. There are as many ways to carry your jeans as there are people wearing them. Pulling the denim up too much is never a problem, but wearing them low might potentially be. We have two options with a so called dropped yoke, Thin Finn and Tape Ted, they feature a seat where the back pockets sit lower. Wearing these fits low will make the strain on the fabric in the crotch area immense, which often lead to rips and holes. Pull them up, at least a wee bit. All jeans sometimes get holes. Look after your jeans. Inspect them every now and then to see if they are in need of some TLC. If you get those holes early, your jeans will not last longer, and you’ll not get the severe blowouts.

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 7: Canoe Trippin'

At the peak of the Swedish summer, on a calm lake, surrounded by deep forest, Blodarnas Knivhus packed their canoes to spent a weekend on a small island. The recurring formula for enjoying life to the max seems as old as the world itself; camping with good friends, sunsets over a calm sweet lake, food cooked over an open fire, beer, sharing stories of past experiences, getting shit-faced and quickly crafting a bow and arrow for some ballistic amusement, falling asleep on a grass covered rooftop of a weird old shack. Keeping this act up could very well be the main reason us humans were put here in the first place. Why else would it seem so perfect? Almost like fitting that long Tetris piece vertically in a slot and finishing all the lines at once.

User Stories: Lee, the Stonemason

We found this beautiful pair of Sharp Bengts handed in for repair at our store on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia. Lee, a stonemason by trade, used his Bengts every day for nine months, and the result proves that stonemasonry is 100% ideal for breaking in denim.

“Working as a stonemason I spend a lot of time on my knees to install and polish the stone. When I’m lifting and moving stones around, I always carry them same way. Doing this on a daily basis has created some fantastic wear and tear on the denim. My favorite hole is the one on the coin pocket. The dusty and dirty environment also helps adding character to the denim.”

When Lee decided to retire and donate his trusted companion to us, we felt that we had to make a replica. The original pair were Sharp Bengt Dry Orange Selvage, but since that fit was retired, we choose to make them Grim Tim. Get your own Stone Mason Replica.

What's in a square?

We see checkered shirts every day, but do we ever pause for a second and think about what checks or squares are? Who makes them and how are they made? Is there a machine or computer that makes squares? Is there a mathematical formula telling you what colors to pick and where to place each line? In some cases you might claim that the music of chance has some relevance, but in most cases there’s a real person, diligently toiling away over color samples; armed with rulers and an infallible sense of taste, trying to find the perfect square.

When making a square there are a few parameters that needs to be taken into consideration. Choosing your four or five favorite colors might not always be such a good idea, since you don’t really know what happen when you mix them together and what happens in-between the lines. Clear colors will give you a dull pattern, very static and impersonal. Using slightly dirty, and faded pastels however, and throwing in something unexpected will give you a vibrant and interesting pattern.

According to us, the best squares are made in Japan. Over the years we’ve used a lot of different Japanese fabrics and the result has always been very great. There’s really no telling why a Japanese square is superior. One reason might be that you can really tell that there’s a lot of hard work behind it. Expert knowledge and and the idea that everything can and should be refined and improved every time you make something is significant in Japanese culture; to master the art of calligraphy takes years of practice, and becoming a sumo wrestler is also a time consuming ordeal. This aspect is prevalent when they make their squares too. The right choice of colors and how many to feature are what sets the Japanese apart from the rest. This is our opinion, we cannot stress that enough.

So, what is it that makes the square? What part of this intricate pattern dictates the terms of the square as we know it? It’s almost impossible to answer all these questions, and the more we think about it, more questions arise. So let’s not dwell on it, check out our range of shirts, and our checkered shirts in particular and judge for yourself. Did we master the art of making squares with any of the shirts in our current collection?

This is how we do it: How to hem jeans

Hemming is something that divides denim wearers into four categories. Some are opposed to it and wouldn’t even consider it. Others would, but only if it’s done with the proper tools, i.e. a chain stitch machine. The third category are the ones who would allow it, if the original seam is reattached. Then there’s the lot who simply don’t give a hoot. All these opinions aside, we give you a simple guide on how to hem your jeans. This is how we usually do it, or at least in 99% of every hemming case.

*When you have measured your denim, don't cut them off according to what measure you got. You have to subtract at least one inch/2.5 centimeters from the original measure so that you have something to hem. We cannot stress this enough. If your jeans are just a tad too long, or they only need a little bit of hemming, wear them for some time and maybe wash them before hemming. If they are still a bit too long, we recommend you use a seam ripper and do as stated above.

Further tips and pointers: Remember that practice makes perfect – make a few test runs on a pair of jeans that you no longer use. At our Repair Shops, we got powerful sewing machines, but the ones people have at home will do just fine. However, before you start hemming, make sure the needle is up for the task. The needles we use are a lot stronger and won’t break as you hem the jeans Also, make sure you use a thread that’s a bit thicker than average. Ask your local sewing supply expert, they’ll know what to use.

Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

From tight to regular. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide
Nudie Production Guide

Production Guide

We take a great interest in where and how the Nudie Jeans collection is produced. See for yourself in the Production Guide

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