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Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Sunday the 21th you will find us at the Denim Carnival in Bangkok. Come down and visit one of our two tents where you can get your Nudie jeans repaired by our denim experts, you will see our new products and you will definitely have a great time hanging out with us.  There will be great prizes to win and thousands of people, open to the public!

See you all denim-heads this Sunday!

Worn in by Alexander & Jacob

Say hi to Alexander & Jacob; more known as “The cool dudes who works in the bar at Publik/Pustervik” and you might also have heard the birds at Andralång Street whispering: “Are they in the band?”
Anyhow, I asked them if they wanted to be on a little shoot for the blog and they more or less answered yes.

Name: Alexander & Jacob.

Work: Bartenders at Publik and Pustervik.

Jeans: Alexander is wearing Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo and Jacob is wearing Grim Tim Dry Organic.

How old are your jeans?
- Alexander: 3 years.
- Jacob: 1, 5 year-isch. 

Alexander’s jeans have been repaired several times and they are now in that stage that they rip apart every times he wears them, he now only wears them at special occasions, when he´s out for beverages with his friends and wants to be swag. Jacobs jeans have been repaired once, the famous & classic snuff and a crotch repair.

- Alexander: 4 times.
- Jacob: 2 times. 

Any weird spots?
The edges of the bar desk at Publik is one of the reason I had to repair them so much and one major factor is all the running up and down through the stairs with the beer-crates.

Being a bartender isn’t always a fairy tale but these two parrots make it look like a walk in the park.

Thank you Alexander and Jacob! See you guys soon!

// Mathias

The 100% organic party #2

The 100% organic party #2

Last Thursday´s 100% organic party was awesome! The concept store in Gothenburg was packed and everyone was in a great mood! Now it´s Stockholm’s turn and the concept store at Skånegatan to host a 100% organic party. It´s still the same concept; organic beer, vodka, a live gig from Caviare Days, the hot-dog wagon is up and our house dj´s Johan & Jeppe will make you move like Mick Jagger. 

See you there!

RSVP to:
Age-limit 18 years old.

Thanks to:

Sailor Vodka

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

These jeans belong to our project manager Peter and they were one of the very first jeans I repaired on Nudie Jeans behalf. I remember that I was pretty nervous when I handed out the jeans to Peter as I only got the instructions: “repair them and fix the holes”. 

I never asked Peter if he liked the repair but he seemed to be pretty happy about them and when I walked passed his desk a month ago I got surprisingly glad to see that they also worked perfectly as a window stopper. Peters jeans might not be new any longer, but they are certainly more unique, beautiful and full of character.

A few weeks after the jeans got repaired we introduced the “repair, reuse, reduce” project in our concept stores. We want to take the responsibility from grown cotton to finish product and the life thereafter.

Read more about our repair reuse, reduce project here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There´s a lot of things going on this week. The Gothenburg concept store is hosting one of the greatest 100% organic party’s this side of the world and our friends down-under in Australia is putting up a 1-year birthday bash in the concept store in Melbourne this Saturday 13th October, offering “free on-site repair service” at the repair shop and sweet tunes & moves from the house-dj.

Swag down to Chapel St this Saturday and if you are in Gothenburg this Thursday… you know what´s poppin´. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Don´t miss out on our 100 % organic party this coming Thursday at our concept store in Gothenburg! It’s going to be a hell of a party with music, beer, denim, snacks, goodie bags, hot dogs and a live gig by Ram Di Dam. The late hours continuous at Jazzhuset. So put on your best pair of Nudie jeans and dancing shoes and I see you this Thursday!

Don´t forget to OSA at:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The 8th of October marks the start of Fair Trade’s largest campaign ever in Sweden. The campaign focuses on how businesses, consumers and every choice matters, with Fairtrade products as tools to participate in the fight against poverty. By increasing sales of Fairtrade-labeled products, we create conditions for farmers and workers in developing countries to improve their working and living conditions.

This spring 2012, Nudie Jeans was one of the first fashion brands to deliver garments from a textile pilot project initiated by Fairtrade International. The Pilot project aimed for Fairtrade standards on every step from the organic cotton growing and harvesting, through ginning, spinning, knitting, cutting and sew-ing to the final manufactured. In other words, how Fairtrade elements could be added for textile workers and not only for cotton farmers. The project was made possible by a unique co-operation between Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, Armstrong Knitting Mills and Nudie Jeans. The goal was to increase social compliance through third party verification not only on farming level but also along the full chain of production. The pilot project has now  ended but has been an important contribution for the work on defining the future textile strategy of Fairtrade International. The work of a new Fairtrade standard will begin earliest in 2013. In the meantime we keep and expand our production with Fairtrade and organic cotton items at Armstrong Knitting Mills.

We are proud and excited to be a part of this world news.

You can read more about our organic & fairtrade cotton here: 

and you find the whole Backbone collection here:

// nj

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some say time heals all wounds and some says a picture says more than a thousand words.

This picture could express and show different stages that we might struggle through this long lasting battle so called life. Something that seems to be bad and negative in the beginning but in the end of the day turns out to be something beautiful and memorable. But ofcourse, it´s also just a ordinary wallet that have been worn-in really nice.

You find your Alfred here:

This picture is from our friends at Meadow in Malmö. Thank you for sharing! 

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