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In Our Heads: Joakim Levin

He’s never had a real job. He graduated from high school, did a stint in the music business, opened up a second hand store and then co-founded Nudie Jeans. A project that would to pay the rent. Joakim Levin’s life has been a pretty straight line, thus he needed a challenge. We asked him about his most recent project.

– I’ve been a drummer all my life, and playing by yourself is really boring, so I decided to try things I won’t ever be able to play. And replicating the drumming of the late Levon Helm of The Band was a perfect project. I came up on punk and trying to feel this super organic jazz guy is so distant from what I’m used to. He’s not a drummer. He’s a musician whose instrument happens to be drums, and you can really hear that.

To be or not to be: The Coin Pocket in the 21st century

Your jeans, you might have given them a nickname, but they are commonly referred to as the five pocket jean. Pretty simple; two in front, and two at the back. Then there’s the little pocket inside the right front pocket. This is one of the original pockets and it was featured on the first ever jean produced, back in 1873, when the waist overalls just had four pockets. In 1901, the left back pocket was added.

Back 1873, in the gold rush era, the miners used it for carrying small items like golden nuggets. It was also ideal for carrying your pocket watch, if you couldn’t find any gold. In 1902, the watch pocket was re-baptized coin pocket.

Like many a dear child, this little functional pocket has been given many names over the years. Frontier pocket, condom pocket, match pocket and fob. Fob is by far the most interesting name since it means “Small pocket for valuables”. I probably derived from the Low German “Fobke” and High German “Fuppe” which means pocket; it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

For the denim head, the coin pocket still have lots of significance since it’s yet another part of the jeans that will break in and fade beautifully.

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 4: The Resurrection

We received some secret photos from a year ago. When this group of now older kids reassembled for a ceremonial resurrection of the secret club they started many years ago.

“To honor the dreams and fantasies we shared as 6 year olds, we gathered at a secret location, lit up by candles and some old theatre lighting lying around. We all brought the jean jackets we had acquired and painted them with white text and symbols that were once written on signs by the tree houses of our childhood.” – Blodarnas Knivhus

User Stories: Mathias

Mathias wore his Grim Tims for 20 months with only two washes. Now he only wears them on special occasions.

I remember when I bought this pair, it was the month of February and I had just got home from a year in Australia. I needed a new pair of drys to blend in with the infamous dark and grey Swedish winter. I wasn’t sure which fit to go for, but somehow I ended up with a pair of Grim Tim Organic Dry Selvage. I wrote the date of purchase on the pocket bag and the journey began.

I always feel like Bilbo Bagger when I’m wearing a new pair of drys. Don’t know if it has something to do with my length or my hairy feet, but I sure love wearing a new pair of drys.

No matter brand nor fit, my jeans always rip in the crotch, so to keep the hurt at bay, I reinforced it before I even started to wear them. I did a lot of fun stuff during the period I broke in this pair and the memories of these times are kind of stuck to the jeans.

Head over to our Online Shop, get your own pair and start your 20 month journey today: 

The chosen one: Agnes the Queen of Front Desk

Meet the new girl at Nudie Jeans Headquarters. Everything she’s done up to this date has led her here. Her interest in arts and design, her views on ethical and ecological fashion, and the fact that she’s a really cool and nice person were all things that made us realize that we needed her. Without her, no one would open the door when you come visit us. Please welcome Agnes, our Front Desk Manager.

Who is Agnes?
I’m 21, I came up in a little village just outside Gothenburg. When i graduated from high school, I moved to Gothenburg and studied global development. After that I spent some time in India, studying peace and conflict studies. I’m really into ethic and eco fashion, and have been since high school. Everyone here seems to be really into music, but I’m more into art. I do my own paintings and stuff. I Google for nice pictures rather than search for new interesting artists on Spotify. I’m sort of a nerd.

What led you to Nudie Jeans?
I worked for Dem Collective earlier, and realized that it was the ethic, eco fashion thing I wanted to do. Coupled with my interest in design and art I figured that Nudie Jeans was the perfect place for me. My friend told me that you were looking for a receptionist and I felt that it was going to be tough, but I applied anyway.

600 applied and you were picked; how does it feel to be the chosen one?
To be honest, I still haven’t grasped it completely. At first i wasn’t even going to apply. I’m glad I did. It was a long process, lots of interviews and they had us do a film, which I wasn’t at all prepared for. But it turned out great, obviously.

What do you hope to accomplish as our new queen of the front desk?
At the first interview I didn’t know what to expect, but afterwards I felt that this post would fit me perfectly. I was born to do this. Both in terms of what I love doing, but also stuff I’ve done before this. I’m really looking forward to getting to know more about this brand, but also the people around it. I feel that this is a company that I can continue growing with. I’m honored to be here.

You are the first person people meet when they come to visit us, how does it feel to be the face of Nudie Jeans?
I’m a bit nervous of course, but I think I can handle it. I’m a people person and service minded, so I look forward to meet some interesting people.

Thank you, Agnes. We’re glad to have you onboard.

Black denim: wearing, washing and the pop cultural aspect

Without black jeans, the world would be a much duller and conformist place dwell. Imagine The Velvet Underground without black denim. It’s impossible, doesn’t work that way. In the 50’s Levi Strauss & Co. decided that they needed to update their 1837 classic in some way. They needed a poster boy. When they found him, he was very reluctant.

Today, a pair of black jeans is considered well-dressed, but to us rebels who keep questioning the state of things, who keep pushing to make this world a little better every day, it’s a mindset. A way to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Black don’t fade the same way indigo does. The black penetrates the fiber all the way through, making it almost impossible to get the same contrast. You could get some mustaches and honeycombs and such, but when washing it, the color will fade and make it grey.

Home laundering your dry black jeans is pretty much a lottery. Washing them too early will make the color bleed out over the fabric, just like indigo would. Wearing them for six months or more will make the dye go deeper into the threads, fixating the color and preventing it from bleeding as much. This way you’ll get more visible moustaches and honeycombs. Depending on how the fabric has been dyed, you also get different types and effects. Rope dyed black denim run a huge risk of getting rain or snake effects when washed at home. Some like it others don’t. If you don’t want effects like these, you should take your jeans to the dry cleaners if they need to be freshened up.

Our black coated jeans have been treated with tree sap to give them an almost leathery look and feel. Washing them will make the coating dissolve and come off before you’re able to get that beautiful worn in character. After six months of wear and tear the coating will be worn down, bleeding into the twill lines of the fabric and the seams, creating clear and beautiful contrasts. Our advice is to never wash them.

In 1956 Levi Strauss & Co. unleashed their Elvis Presley Jeans on the world. The box office smash hit, Jailhouse Rock was all the rage and the post war kids who got tired of playing cowboys met their new hero. A rebel that made them discover the opposite sex and fall in love with the rock music blasting out the radio. These kids were exposed to this whole new world, a world where the set their own boundaries. From that day, black denim was on every behind of every teenager. Elvis himself didn’t like denim. It reminded him of the struggles of his working class upbringing, the struggle of working hard but still being poor. But the kids didn’t mind. They loved the attitude and outsider aspect of black denim.

Head over to our Online Shop and check out our black jeans.

User Stories: Andrea Widebrant

Tight Long John worn by Andrea for 4 years; washed three times.

I originally bought another pair but my dad lost the bag, so we had to get another pair. It wasn’t all love from the get go. There was a seam at the waist that kept nagging me and the color bled like crazy, but I stood tall for one whole year before the first wash, and I’m so glad I waited. Since then I’ve washed them three more times, mainly because I had to turn them in to get them repaired.

For the last two years this is the only pair I’ve worn, which you can see. The knees are all ripped and many bike rides have had their go at the inner-thigh parts. Wearing them to festivals have also helped creating these beauties.

I’m so happy that you guys repair peoples beloved jeans. Keep doing that, and I’ll keep talking about how much I love your brand.

Get your own pair of dry Tight Long Johns at the Online Shop:

Tracks of Time: Magic Kids “Hey Boy”

Magic Kids performing Hey Boy, live at the Repair Shop in Gothenburg.

On October 10th, 2010 – magic, the kids of Magic Kids swirled through the door and knocked our socks off with jangly sounds and positive energy. This one is definitely one for the books. There’s charming mishaps, laughs and a poppy vibe that turned fall back into summer again.

Catch the entire set here:

Magic Kids all wore skinny jeans, get some of your own at the Online Shop:


Staff Picks: Mawejje Kuddiza

He knows what looks good and he’s got a firm hand, so we asked him to handpick some of his personal favorites. True gems, future classics and wardrobe staples, all handpicked by our Purchasing Manager, Mawejje. Look no further, just let him lead you to the sharpest Nudie Jeans kits around.

Cedric Bomber Leather Jacket 
Fresh out the Fall Winter 2013 Capsule Collection! Cedric is a classic bomber made with smooth goat skin that will turn heads when you cruise the streets of your hometown.

Sweatshirt Organic Clean Black
Everybody should own at least one good sweater. This one is made from soft, organic cotton. Less details for a nice, clean-cut look.

Gunnar Organic Twill Check Khaki
Thick and really soft, with a check that is developed by us. This flannel is probably the only shirt you’ll need for this season.

Sharp Bengt Dry Organic Selvage
Mawejje’s personal denim. Worn for 20 months before the first wash. They’ve been places and seen their fair share of stuff, from Gothenburg to Uganda, by way of Las Vegas and LA.

Want to see more kits handpicked by Mawejje? Head over to and sign up for our newsletter (in the bottom right corner of the page). On Sunday we’ll send the rest of his picks, straight into your mailbox.

Lightning Dust: Air is more important than sound

Lightning Dust started out in 2006, as a way for Amber Webber and Joshua Wells to try out material that didn’t quite fit into their band Black Mountain’s repertoire. Their reason for their existence is to try out new stuff. They’ve released three albums to date. In October they visited our Gothenburg Repair Shop to shop for new threads and talk about what they do and what inspires them.

Amber: Lightning Dust started as an escape from being in a rock ‘n’ roll band. Something that was completely different, that could be anything. Not being any particular type of music. Just what we wrote with no pressure applied. Eventually, people caught on to it and we kind of felt we wanted to keep it alive.

Joshua: From the beginning it was Amber on the acoustic guitar and vocals and me on the Wurlitzer. We tried to keep it to just that palette, but got way more ambitious with our subsequent albums. The next one won’t be like this one. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like, but we always try to keep it similar in tone; like air is more important than sound.

In 2013 Lightning Dust released their third album, Fantasy, an album with lots of electronics, but no laptops were used during the recording of this album.

Joshua: We’ve never used any programming equipment before, but we used it heavily on this album. But they were industry standard in like 1994, so it’s nothing fancy. There are no computers involved, except for use as a tape machine. I’m a musician. That’s primarily what I do. I’ve done it for a long time. I’m a drummer. And now I’m sort of a piano player. Or synth player or whatever. I like to dabble in a lot of stuff. It’s my job as a musician to learn something new whenever I can.

You have been compared to bands like Suicide, and there is some resemblance, but where do you draw inspiration from?

Joshua: Lots of stuff. We go through a lot of music and phases for sure, but for this album a lot of early Eurythmics. The way it’s so tightly arranged and sparse it is. Cheap electronics. Soundtrack albums by John Carpenter. The throbbing, menacing synth stuff is amazing. That was definitely an inspiration, at least for the approach to the album; to make it a bit sinister in tone.

Amber: The Suicide comparison is a compliment, of course. The older you get you got to find inspiration wherever you can find it. I love everything from Beyoncé to obscure little indie rock bands. There’s interesting stuff going on all over the world. There’s so much great hip hop at the moment, all that stuff’s so great right now. I love the new Kanye album. Or at least the first half of it.

So, there’s no excluding your next album could be a hip hop album?

Amber: With this album, people gave us flack about how urban it sounds. So, you never know. You gotta rock what you got and forget what you’re not.

Check out Lightning Dust on Spotify or on their official site

Check out some of Lightning Dust’s favorite pieces from the recent collection:
Slim Jim Organic Dry Broken Twill:
Sweatshirt Organic Melange Brown:
Frej Mountain Parka:
Gusten Organic Dry Denim:



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