Hypebeast Essentials with Joakim Levin

A while back, our good friends at Hypebeast paid us a visit at the headquarters. They seized the opportunity to pick our Co-Founder’s brain on some of the Essentials in his life.


Last year we took London. Now we take Berlin.

“Nudie Jeans has been a role model for quite some time; a staple of sorts. I used to work at a big department store, where I did everything from selling CDs to logistics. The last couple of years I ran the mens department where I sold a lot of Nudie Jeans. When I met the people behind the brand I really felt that Nudie Jeans was a brand that I could see myself representing. I’m really proud that I get to be a part of this company.”

Mattias Goldkuhl has worked retail all his life. In 2012 he applied for a job as the Store Manager at one of the Nudie Jeans Outlet Stores. During his first year he made such an impact that he got the opportunity to perform his magic on a bigger scale and started working as Retail Coordinator.

“I’m honored to get the opportunity to be responsible for our Repair Shops and Concept Stores. I travel around a lot, making sure our Repair Shops and Concept Stores have the right prerequisites to sell our product and convey the philosophy of the brand. That’s what’s great with Nudie Jeans, we give the customer a chance to get real value for their money by offering free repairs and alterations for as long as their jeans live. Knowledgeable staff give each customer their very best to cater to their needs, giving them the best possible experience. Something that makes me proud to think of when I go to work every day.”

From the looks of it, 2014 will be an interesting year. Today we open up a brand new Repair Shop in Berlin. Since Germany is one of our biggest market, we’ve felt the need to create a place for Nudie Jeans fans where they get to experience the full concept.

“To open up in Berlin is very inspiring. Seeing the success with our London Repair Shop, I’m confident that this store will be a success as well. We got a great location and lots of fans that’s been waiting so long for Nudie Jeans to open up in their city. Now, the wait is over. You find us at Münzstraße 21. Come see us!”



User Stories: Fiona Rooke

Tight Long John worn by Fiona since 2006

We found Fiona’s beautiful Tight Long John a few months back. We decided that it was unfair to the world to keep these to ourselves.

"I’ve had these Tight Long Johns since late 2006. You get them off the shelf looking just like the jean beside them, then you bring them to life. The crotch and knees have been repaired many times now. Good jeans are worn, but great jeans are lived in! I can’t remember how many times I have washed them, but I do know that I’ve fallen into water more times than I’ve washed them."

No time to spill, start your own break-in project today: http://nj.io/jG3I


Tracks of Time: Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You”

Band of Horses performing No One’s Gonna Love You, live at Nudie Jeans Repair Shop in Gothenburg.

Yet another gem from the vaults. Ben and Tyler of Band of Horses always remember to pay us a visit when they’re in town. Luckily for us, they always bring that old six-string and a few sweet tunes. This one happened in Gothenburg, April of 2010. It was beautiful, like always.

Get the entire set: http://nj.io/GStj

Dress up like Band of Horses: http://nj.io/IxBB

In Our Heads: Michel

Michel is the Store Manager at our Vallgatan Repair Shop in Gothenburg. He’s been with us for a few years and is today a highly skilled denim expert. This spring, his goal is to grow a full beard. We asked him what makes his heart tick a little faster.

– I’m still stuck in the same old tracks; Bob Dylan. At the moment I’m watching “Don’t Look Back”, back to back. I’m still amazed with this fine old gentleman. Favorite album? That’s easy, Blood on the Tracks might be the best album ever recorded.

I also picked up some rumors that Flare Glenn might be back some time soon. If there’s any truth in that, I’m gonna be the happiest boy in all of Gothenburg, or possibly the world.

The Weight: Defining Ounces

When you buy a pair of dry jeans you’re often informed that you’re dealing with a “this-or-that” ounce quality. A few people know about this, some don’t care, and some people might feel a little embarrassed to ask what it actually means. Here is an easy rundown of what we’re talking about.

The dry denim fabrics are categorized by weight, and ounce per square yard is the standard measure we use to specify it. There are lightweight fabrics, often under 12 ounces/square yard, mid-weight fabrics from 12 – 16 ounces/square yard, and the heavyweighters; 16 ounces/square yard up to 32 (the sturdiest fabric known to man).

We took our classic, 13.5 oz., Dry Organic Selvage and put them up against the popular 10.75 oz. Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo. Both dry, the same size and pretty similar in in fit. We thought it would be interesting to compare these two pairs to illustrate the difference. This is the result: The Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo weighed 19.401 oz. (550 grams), and the Grim Tim Organic Dry Selvage Tims weighed 25.362 oz. (719 grams).

A lighter fabric makes for a lighter jean, that goes without saying. Also, lighter fabrics breaks in easier. You don’t have to spend the same amount of time to see results. You won't get the same result as you do with the heavier fabrics because it's a lot softer. Lightweight denim is a lot more comfortable to wear from the get-go. With mid-weight and heavyweight denim you need to put in a lot more effort. They might feel tough on the legs for some time, but when you’ve conquered the the first month or two, you’ll never want to let go. We exclusively use mid-weight fabrics for our dry denim since it’s sturdy enough to develop great fades over time, but at the same time, they’re gentle to the person wearing them.

User Stories: Tobbe

Grim Tim worn by Tobbe for 15 months.

I used this pair of Grim Tim about seven months before I first washed them. When they were still brand new, I was wearing them on a great summer’s night at Debaser in Stockholm where I managed to spill a full pint into my lap. Don’t know if that had a positive effect on the outcome, but at least I’d like to think so.

In total I’ve been using them for about 15 months and now they have been blessed with a second wash. Both times inside out at 60 degrees Celsius.

Your next pair could be beautiful like these. Start your break-in project today: http://nj.io/rkPB

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 5: Snow Man Hunt

Practicing some axe throwing for the annual christmas tree hunt. Maybe everyone doesn't appreciate all the hectic yule tide traditions, but there are always ways to adapt and enjoy the snow and the smell of freshly chopped fir-tree in your own way! Have yourself a merry one!

/Blodarnas Knivhus

Nudie Jeans Travel Guide: Los Angeles

We have our roots in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re proud of our city and we want to show it to you as much as possible, but sometimes we forget that Nudie Jeans happens pretty much everywhere, all of the time. We got our stores all over the map and people living in cities far away. With that in mind we decided to give you all the Nudie Jeans Travel Guide. A handy little guide to the world according to Nudie Jeans.

We start off in a big way; Los Angeles, California. The city of big dreams and home of people in the movies; but also home of Nudie Jeans House . Our guys in Los Angeles, Chris and Phil have picked some of their favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Most spots are located in the area close to Nudie Jeans House. This way you can do some shopping in-between meals.

SQIRL Just a few miles away from the Nudie House on the corner of Virgil and Marathon, you’ll find SQIRL. This spot is definitely one of our favorites and the best place to get breakfast! They use all farm to table produce and food from farms all within a short mileage range to ensure freshness and quality. The off the menu item we always get is the "Old Skool".

720 N Virgil Ave 4 Los Angeles sqirlla.com

Handsome Coffee Roasters Located in the arts district of DTLA this spot is a solid hub for downtown. These guys are great friends and partners of ours. We did an exclusive run of aprons for them and of course, they all wear Nudie Jeans denim. All beans are roasted on site and they keep a purist menu; Espresso or espresso with milk. No sugar or other forms of milk besides whole milk are available.

582 Mateo Street Los Angeles handsomecoffee.com

The Hart and the Hunter This is one restaurant that’s been draining our wallets for the last couple of months. it’s been totally worth it though. Go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won’t be disappointed. Rustic, seasonal country-style meals with a little Southern flair.

Palihotel 7950 Melrose Ave thehartandthehunter.com

Escuela Taqueria This is where we go for Mexican. You should too. Slow food that’s natural and responsibly sourced; no artificial ingredients. Tacos, burritos, tamales and tostadas. We just can’t get enough of this place.

7615 Beverly Blvd. escuelataqueria.com

Village Idiot A restaurant with a silly name (their own words). Unpretentious, homey food served in an environment that makes you want to come back again and again. “Our fare, like our friends, may vary in class but never in strength of character.” The Village Idiot don’t take reservations; first come first served.

7383 Melrose Ave villageidiotla.com

The Surly Goat The Surly Goat is the place to visit when you want to enjoy great beer. $4 draft beers and well drinks. A laid back place to visit when you just have a great time with friends, have a few beers and a few laughs, like we always do here in Los Angeles, California.

7929 Santa Monica Blvd. surlygoat.com

Fit Guide

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