User story: Mawejje

Sharp Bengt Org. Dry Selvage. Worn for 20 months. That wallet wants to come out! Worn and torn button hole.

Sharp Bengt – Dry Organic Selvage

Worn by Mawejje - Purchasing Manager, Retail/Webshop

These jeans was the first thing I sorted out when I started working here so I’ve had them for 2 yearsish but been wearing them for maybe 20 months (I’m a bit vain and can’t wear the same pair every day). As you can see the wallet on the back has left its marks and the same thing goes for the phone in the front. Due to a heavy behind and strong (thick) thighs I’ve had my crotch fixed four or five times which has left some scars as well.

I’ve been chased by hooligans in them, walked Venice in 39 degrees (shorts is for children and seniors), drinked  40’s in the corner of Driggs and Brodway, seen gorillas in Uganda(from a super far distance though and they didn’t get dirty at all), won $250 at a black jack table in Vegas and once in Copenhagen I met Willem Dafoe in a hotel lobby and he was like “Hey, those jeans looks awesome, I want them and in exchange you can get either one million dollars or the lead role in Boondock Saints” and I was like “Boondock Saints sounds like the worst movie ever, give me the million dollars instead” and he was like “Sure thing, do you want to split 12 oysters and a bottle of champagne to celebrate?” and I was like “Of course Mr. Willem Dafoe, after you!” and then we became best friends and for my birthday I got the jeans back.

The first time I washed them was after approximately 11 months in 60 degrees inside out and I’ve washed them once more after that.

Do you also want to be best friend with Willem Dafoe? Get your fresh pair of Sharp Bengt´s here.

Have a great weekend!

// NJ

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