• Jeans made in a beautiful, sturdy,
    14.2 oz, redcast selvage denim
    woven by Amhot Mills in Osaka,
    Japan. The warp yarns have been dip
    dyed 20 times in pure indigo, giving
    the jeans its dark, pure indigo, redcast
    tone. Let the break-in begin!
    Steady Eddie IIDry Ace Selvage
    2999 SEK
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  • Shirts.
    New styles in soft, cool, drapey and
    sustainable material TENCEL™ Lyocell.
    The patterns are always our own and
    the denim shirts are closely related to
    the jeans collection.
  • Worn
    As you hand in your old worn and repaired
    Nudie jeans to us you give us stories. With
    worn authentic we tell those stories.
  • Jackets.
    Our line of jackets range from
    coats to baseball jackets.
    As far as possible they’re made
    with recycled fibres and 100%
    organic cotton.
  • Knits.
    Our knitted styles are uncomplicated and
    casual and easy to mix with our tees and
    jackets. Soft, supple, fabrics and yarn
    made with 100% recycled wool fibers.

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Free repairs for life.

Nudie Jeans Co doesn’t just offer jeans. With a wear and tear-way of thinking, reuse and repair program Nudie Jeans Co provides and maintains a tradition true to the fabric’s tradition and characteristics.

Founded in Gothenburg in 2001, the Swedish denim company has been recognized for their work with sustainability, both environmental and social. With a denim collection made from 100% organic cotton and transparent production, Nudie Jeans Co is in the fore edge and has taken a prominent role in the industry’s work for a more sustainable existence.