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Welcome to Nudie Jeans, here’s our latest updates

  1. A declaration of love for the ever-evolving soul of denim. We explore what made us fall in love with denim in the first place – the blue, the black, and all the shades and hues in-between, like rainbows. Jeans and jackets, crafted from the finest Japanese selvage denim.

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  2. This collection is an aesthetic exploration of Nudie Jeans and our influences over the past 20 years.

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  3. Text New Drys Lean Dean
    Text New Drys Lean Dean

    Over the years, Lean Dean has accumulated many fans. For our Fall 2021 collection, we've added two new options for your favorite fit. A fresh dry option and a brand-new, mid-weight, 13.5 oz. selvage.

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  4. Imagine the world without black jeans – it would definitely be darker. All our fits come in dry black and pre-washed denim.

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  5. Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a
    promise of free repairs. No matter when
    or where you got them.

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