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Respect the worker, spools of thread

Audits and training

Transparency is not an end in itself, but it's a tool for much-needed change within the fashion industry. We've put a lot of effort into our transparency work and collaborate with our manufacturing partners to ensure that all Nudie Jeans products are manufactured under safe conditions.

To make sure everything is good in the factories, we perform audits. We are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and follow their Code of Labor Practice. Once done, the audits give us an assessment of the status of the production facility. If we find risks or irregularities in these controls, we address them and take action. Such actions include training and education for workers and management. For years, we have involved suppliers and their employees in Fair Wear Foundation's Workplace Education Program (WEP), in which Nudie Jeans pay and coordinate training at the suppliers.
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One of our Indian suppliers enrolls both workers and management in training to raise awareness about workplace issues. They've also trained with local non-governmental organizations to strengthen worker-management relations and empower employees. The aim is to encourage more female employees to pursue supervising positions, investigate wage structure, and have committee groups with women and men of different ages.

In 2021, our supplier in India continued the implementation of violence prevention and anti-harassment training at two production units. With a focus on communication and information around the Sexual Harassment ACT. Feedback from participating employees stated that they found the training helpful. They learned more about their rights as employees and that the Fair Wear Foundation's grievance redressal system can be trusted.

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