Battle of the flyest: zipper vs. buttons

Since the 1930s, people have debated the superior method to keep one's fly shut: buttons or the zipper. While there's no universal right or wrong answer — because they both do virtually the same job — we thought to share some background and what determines what fastener to choose.

The clasp locker was invented in 1893, but it wasn't until the 1920s that the onomatopoetic word "the zipper" latched on. Another twenty years later, the zip-fly had really made an impression on people. Buttons may be historically accurate, but due to a slightly more user-friendly approach, the zipper has gained a lot of supporters. For the denim puritan, however, there's only one option: buttons or not wearing jeans.

But let's keep it real; they both have pros and cons. Buttons are easy to undo, and they rarely break. And if they do, you only hammer in a new one. However, closing requires the use of two hands. The user-friendly zipper, however, you can operate with one hand, but it sometimes gets stuck or breaks.

Our tight and some of the slim fits feature zip-flies. Buttons would pop out, and the strain of tight-fitting denim would make them uncomfortable to wear and create an unwanted gap. The regular fits all have button flies (except for Gritty Jackson, which has a zipper fly) to keep things historically accurate.

From now on, all Breezy Britt feature button flies. However, zip fly options are available until they're sold out completely. Check out Breezy Britt down below.


Revived from the past, these jeans are crafted from deadstock fabrics. Each pair is a patchwork of history, reinvented to create a modern fit with a vintage soul.