We have taken on the challenge to decrease our emissions in line with what is required by scientific consensus to stay within the 1.5° C warming pathway. To reach our targets we need to find ways to decouple economic growth and resource use. It’s not an easy task but we are building the way forward.  

We have committed to reducing our absolute greenhouse gas emissions in: 

  • Scope 1 and 2 by 51% by 2030 from a 2018 base year.  

  • Scope 3 by 51% by 2030 from a 2018 base year. (excluding emissions from the “user-phase” emission category.)  

We map all Nudie Jeans emissions on a yearly basis, following the Greenhouse Gas protocol methodology. Our long-term supplier relations have enabled us to collect a high share of primary data from our supply chain, we collect transport data from our carriers and we collect data from all of our stores and offices globally. This gives us a good understating of our real emission impact, we know where we need to focus our time and efforts to see changes moving forward. The Climate Action Plan created in 2022 clearly showcases what we need to do to reach our targets.  

Emissions calculations are complex, and it's sometimes hard to grasp data covering the entirety of one business, that’s why we also show the CO2e and water use on a product level, to break it down into more digestible pieces. You find it on the product card next to our transparency data in the online shop. 

 The product calculations show the average CO2e emissions and water use connected to the production processes, transport in the supply chain, and transportation from the last supplier in the supply chain to our warehouse in Sweden. We have also included emissions and water use from the packaging materials used. 

We have worked with a cradle-to-gate approach, which excludes emissions and water use connected to the distribution, the user phase, repair or reuse of sold products, and the product’s end of life. As well as other indirect emissions and water use such as electricity and heating in offices, business travel, and waste management in their operations.  

We have chosen to work with these boundaries since impacts in these stages vary widely based on how and where the products are used and shipped. We acknowledge that the cradle-to-gate approach excludes important emissions and water consumption which could underestimate the understanding of the impacts connected to a product.  

We still want to highlight that the emissions from the transport of the products to our customers have a significant impact. The average transport of one product bought in the Nudie Jeans web shop creates emissions of 3,8 CO2e/product. This equals the emissions from producing 1-2 Nudie Jeans t-shirts. 

But what can you do to decrease the climate impact while still enjoying Nudie Jeans garments? 

  • If buying your garments in one of our physical stores, take the bike, the train, or the bus and leave the car at home. How you get to the store has a significant climate impact! 

  • If visiting our online store, choose the more sustainable transport option at the checkout. It's totally ok to wait that extra day before starting to use your new pair of jeans. 

  • When using your Nudie Jeans garment, wash them only when necessary. Hang them outside for a natural refresh, and if stained, take a cloth and remove that stain instead of tossing the jeans in the washing machine. 

  • When they need washing, don't tumble dry or iron your jeans, let them hang dry, and you save both energy and stress on the fibers. 

  • A hole in your jeans? No worries, take them to your nearest Nudie Jeans repair shop and have them repaired for free. But here, we do want you to wash them first! Like this, you prolong the life of your jeans – the most sustainable thing you can do. And if you have no Nudie Jeans Repair shop close by, order a free repair kit online. 

  • When you no longer want your Nudie Jeans, hand them in at one of our shops, and we make sure to put them to good use. 

To learn all the details on how we made the calculations read our methodology document here

Re-use – One-of-a-kind jeans

Find these one-of-a-kind jeans in one of our Nudie Jeans Repair Shops or Repair Partners that offer Re-use jeans.