Curated By – The Idealist

Curated By The Idealist

Curated By – The Idealist

You can't talk about the Swedish music scene without mentioning Joachim Nordwall aka The Idealist or one of his projects. He is the founder of iDEAL Recordings and the co-founder of legendary Swedish experimental label Börft Records.

The independently owned and operated record label iDEAL Recordings, based in Sweden, is a staple for any record collector or DJ of electronic sounds. The label has been the home to experimental sound and art since 1998 and hosts festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and club nights worldwide.

It is our honor to present you Curated by The Idealist today on the Nudie Jeans Spotify channel.

Thank you, Joachim!

Curated By Peanut Butter Wolf

In late 2019 a few of us from the Nudie Jeans Brand Marketing Team were in Los Angeles for the ComplexCon event held in Long Beach. While in LA, we had the opportunity to meet up with Peanut Butter Wolf, the founder of the legendary record label Stones Throw Records.

Curated By Caley Vanular Thumbnail
Curated By Caley Vanular

Today's guest curator is Caley Vanular, an entrepreneurial surfer, snowboarder, and creative director. Caley hails from Ontario, Canada, and competed in snowboarding for 23 years before pursuing a more artistic role in the world of snowboarding.

Curated By Raghd

We recently spent a day in the studio with Raghd, the 21-year-old singer, rapper, producer, and soon-to-be Göteborg royalty.