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Getting Jeans text

How to find perfect fitting jeans

Tips for Finding Jeans That Fit Perfectly

Shopping for jeans might be a bit of a hassle. You might feel uneasy about putting your life in the hands of a salesperson who, most likely, will try to get you to buy a pair of denim. You might not always know what to get, but coming prepared is never a bad thing. Here’s a guide on how you buy the best pair of jeans you’ve ever had. Hopefully, it’s a pair of Nudie Jeans denim.

Fit is everything. You either want comfort, or you want to look really smart, sometimes both. Our aim has always been to cover all bases in terms of fits. We got the super skinny, tight fits, slim fits made with stretch denim, and the regular fits. Suffice to say, there’s something for everyone.

Tight fits

A tight fit is meant to fit as close to the leg as possible. Therefore we make all slim fits with power stretch for ultimate comfort. They stretch and retract as you put them on and take them off. The power stretch fabrics we use contain a low percentage of elastane. However, they have a high level of stretchability. If you want to see similarities and differences between different Nudie Jeans fits – check out the Fit Guide.

Slim fits

Even though our slim fits allow a bit more room all over, we make them with stretch denim to enable optimal comfort and movement. At a glance, the stretch percentage is the same as for our tight fits, but the stretchability is not as high. Let us remind you: stretch denim is there for comfort, not for acrobatics. To compare the different Nudie Jeans fits, use our jeans Fit Guide.

Regular & relaxed fits

The regular fit selection is all about rigid denim. Regular fits should give you a little more room around the seat and throughout the leg. And depending on whether the leg is straight or tapered, you get a different overall shape. Use our excellent Fit Guide to see the difference.

Loose fits

With more room across the seat and more legroom from top to bottom, you won’t have to worry about ever feeling uncomfortable. Shopping for a pair of loose-fit is reasonably straightforward since they won’t fit snugly. Remember that the overall fit of your loose-fit jeans should reflect your mindset – relaxed and at ease. Use our Fit Guide to compare fits and see how they differ from each other.

Sizing up or down?

We always recommend staying true to the size corresponding to your body measures. Sizing down puts a lot of extra strain on the denim, which may cause the jean to rip or break. For stretch jeans, the stretch is there primarily for comfort and optimal movement. And even though you may feel that sizing down is possible, we strongly advise against it. They stretch when you put them on, and they retract when you take them off.

All denim stretches when worn, even the rigid denim. However, denim made with 100% cotton won’t retract unless you wash them. So, even though a regular or loose fit may allow you to size down, they will retract once you wash them. Add to that the chance of a 3% overall shrinkage, and you’ll end up with a loose-fitting pair of jeans that are too tight.

You will never regret staying true to size.

The jeans fit guide

We developed a handy tool to give you a better overview of all Nudie Jeans fits. You get the ins and outs of every fit. In compare mode, you get a clearer view of similarities and differences between the fits. Check out our fit guide!

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