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Denimopedia: Getting Jeans

Shopping for jeans might be a bit of a hassle. You might feel uneasy about putting your life in the hands of a salesperson who, most likely, will try to get you to buy a pair of denim. You might not always know what to get, but coming prepared is never a bad thing. Here’s a guide on how you buy the best pair of jeans you’ve ever had. Hopefully, it’s a pair of Nudie Jeans denim.

GETTING THE RIGHT FIT Fit is everything. You either want comfort or you want to look really smart, sometimes both. Our aim has always been to cover all bases in terms of fits. We got the super skinny, tight fits and slim fits made with stretch denim and the regular fits. Suffice it to say, there’s something for everyone.

TIGHT FITS All of our skinny fits are meant to fit really tight, so they are made with power stretch for ultimate comfort. This means that they will stretch and retract as you wear them. What it doesn’t mean is that you should throw high-kicks and bust ninja moves. The power stretch fabrics we use only contain a low percentage of elastane, but they have a high level of stretch ability, so when buying tight fit, we suggest you stay true to size. Sizing down, even though it’s possible, will put a lot of strain on the fabric which in turns makes it more susceptible to rips and blowouts.

SLIM FITS Some of the fits in our slim fit segment also contain stretch, the same amount, but the stretch ability is not as generous. Let us remind you, the stretch is there for comfort, not for acrobatics. The options made with rigid denim will also stretch from wear, however, they won’t retract unless you wash them.

REGULAR FITS The regular fit segment is all about comfort. If you prefer a relaxed straight fit, this is where you should be able to find exactly that. No stretch or no loss of blood flow involved. The regular fits should give you a little more room around the hip and thigh, if not, size up. Remember, all denim stretches from wear, and retracts when you wash them, so sizing down may cause them to become way too tight when washed. True to size, friends. That’s what Nudie Jeans recommends. Use our Fit Guide to compare our fits, and see how they fit.

DRY, BLACK OR PRE-WASHED Wear your denim for at least six months before you wash them. You’ve heard that one a million and one times, and this is a recommendation for our dry denim, and selvage denim. And the part about wearing dry jeans for at least six months is only to be taken as a suggestion, if you want your jeans to get patina and a worn-in look.

Breaking in a pair of jeans is an arduous task and not for everyone. That’s why we have pre-washed options. If you buy pre-washed denim, they have been washed and treated to resemble a worn in jean. If the denim looks like it’s been worn for two years, the process have pretty much taken these years off your jeans. With black denim, it’s a different story. Rigid, black denim will break in, eventually, but it takes a whole lot of effort and you need to put some work in. The black stretch denim should not be worn for six months without wash, they just won’t develop the same wear and tear as the rigid, or indigo dyed denim. There will be some visible wear and tear, but when you wash them the dye will bleed and fade.

HOW TO WEAR AND TAKE CARE OF THE JEANS It may sound a bit condescending to tell people how to wear their jeans, but this is really important. There are as many ways to carry your jeans as there are people wearing them. Pulling the denim up too much is never a problem, but wearing them low might potentially be. We have two options with a so called dropped yoke, Thin Finn and Tape Ted, they feature a seat where the back pockets sit lower. Wearing these fits low will make the strain on the fabric in the crotch area immense, which often lead to rips and holes. Pull them up, at least a wee bit. All jeans sometimes get holes. Look after your jeans. Inspect them every now and then to see if they are in need of some TLC. If you get those holes early, your jeans will not last longer, and you’ll not get the severe blowouts.